All-inclusive Business Software and Marketing

Real Green Systems is the producer of Service Assistant®, the number one service software and marketing tool for service industry companies.

Service Assistant is the perfect app for lawn care, landscaping, pest control, HVAC, carpet and residential cleaning businesses and so many more service industry companies.

About Our Company

Real Green Systems is a global software company that began as a lawn care company in 1984. It has successfully owned, operated and cultivated multiple service companies for more than 30 years. This unique and extensive experience has motivated it to specialize in developing software, tailor-made for service industry professionals. Thousands of companies – worldwide – use Service Assistant. It’s the perfect tool to manage and grow small businesses and maintenance companies such as lawn care and fertilizer spray, pest and critter control, exterminators, landscape, plumbing, HVAC, furnace duct cleaning, roofing, general contracting, septic cleaning, carpet installing and cleaning, delivery companies and any business that has a fleet or responds to a service call.

Real Green continues to develop innovative technology and marketing solutions to help customers manage and grow their businesses in the most efficient, cost-effective ways possible. It employs a team of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals with the goal of providing customers with the most current technology and the widest range of available features. Helping to make clients as successful as possible, Real Green Systems provides a competitive edge with its innovative business operation software and advanced marketing tools.

Our Mission

Our mission is to achieve success through the pursuit of excellence in customer and employee relations.

Our Core Values

  • Real Green Systems will strive to exceed customer expectations by providing products and services that are innovative, create efficiencies, and are cost-effective.
  • We will commit to maintaining a family and professional atmosphere in an effort to encourage personal and business growth.
  • We will strive to instill a spirit of cooperation throughout the entire company, while encouraging independence and self-motivation-recognizing that this combination will help to create a greater sense of job satisfaction.
  • We will keep “a finger of the pulse” of our company by staying in tune with the success or failure of our customers and the well-being of the whole RGS family.