Just a few years ago QR codes were everywhere – and on everything. Those little pixelated squares appeared on packaging, billboards, flyers, ads – even some articles included them. They were the next “big marketing thing.” Then “poof,” they slinked into disuse. Well, not entirely. You can still find them if you look.

The point of the matter isn’t whether or not QR codes are dying. It’s if they thriving in your industry and if so, how?

We’re probably all in agreement that a QR code on a billboard is a bad idea. Who’s going to risk scanning it, while hurtling down the highway in excess of 55 MPH? However, what about a lawn sign that’s been posted in someone’s yard? That may make more sense.

Depending on where you’re leading the homeowner or their neighbors with the QR code, they may be more willing to scan. If you say, “scan the QR code and save $100 when you purchase weed control” the resulting scans may be significant. Perhaps the QR code leads to a customer survey and those completing the survey get a reward of some sort. Again, people may be more apt to scan.

Why (and when to) use QR codes?

First, they may be familiar with your company. Your customers certainly know who you are and, if you’re in the service industry, your vehicles and signs are likely familiar to their neighbors.

Second, trust comes with familiarity. That’s especially important in regards to anything dealing with a customer or prospect’s personal data.

Remember, people will typically scan your QR code with their smartphone. With the increase in personal data security breaches, people are fearful of letting any entity lead them blindly online.

That means it is very important to consider how you package the QR code.

  • Who are you?
  • Why should I trust you and your code?
  • What’s in it for me if I do scan?

You should answer those meaningful questions in any promotional material that uses a QR code.

Appropriately used, QR codes can call your audience to action on postcards, door hangers, flyers, nature notes and more.

Have you thought of using QR codes for downloads? Does your company have a lawn care or pest control page to direct people to download information? How about an order or contact form? Perhaps you’ve developed a cool app? Offered up in the right way, a QR code is just the thing to make access quick, easy and fail-safe.

Want to know more about how to put those little pixelated squares to work growing your business? Give us a call! Real Green has marketing strategists that can help you maximize QR code responses and increase sales.