How would you like to have a marketing campaign that generates emails and letters with little to no effort, retains customers, increases value and wins back customers?

An automated marketing campaign through Automated Marketing Assistant (AMA)® is your solution. The AMA program generates emails and letters behind the scenes, with little to no manual intervention, allowing your staff more time to concentrate on providing a superior customer experience and more time to grow your business.

email for billing servicesAutomated Marketing Assistant are auto-emails that are the sensible and cost-efficient way to contact customers wherever they happen to be. They are mobile-friendly across platforms, ensuring your messages are clear, concise and actionable from any device.

Benefits of AMA include:

  •  High open and response rates
  •  Drip campaigns for win-backs, estimates not sold, rejected estimates with up to 30% success rates
  •  Nothing to remember with completely “set it and forget it” automated communications
  •  Increased customer retention
  •  Increased auto-pay sign ups and payments
  •  Decreased receivables with payment reminders
  •  Decreased properties unable to service with Before Service Email Reminders

auto generated emails to upsellLawn & Landscape Magazine, April 2019, issue featured Real Green Systems Marketing Director Linda Thomas. In the article Linda was asked “Can automated marketing improve retention?” Linda answered, “Yes! Consistent communication is a retention cornerstone. After-sale marketing is critical and becomes a more intensive education.”

Automated Marketing Assistant helps to achieve all of these communication messages.

To learn more about all the ways Automated Marketing Assistant will assist your business, click here for a free demo!