What is The Best Invoice Software for Lawn Care Businesses?

Getting paid promptly is essential for any business – especially lawn care. Not only do you need to get paid promptly, but you also need to be able to streamline your operations to take on more customers and work efficiently and effectively. Keeping on top of invoicing and payments is crucial because it boosts your cash flow and profits. But it’s also time-consuming and can be hard to manage on your own. The right invoice software can help you save time and money by automating this important function. 

Here’s a look at what to consider when looking for the best invoice software to use for your lawn care business.

How do you Bill Your Lawn Care Customers?

Do you still use paper receipts? Are customers still paying you with physical paper checks that you need to cross-check against your invoices…and then which you need to be deposited at the bank? Do you keep track of your customers on a paper ledger? If so, what if you make a mistake – how do you make sure your entries are accurate? How much time are you spending managing all of that paper?

Any paper-based invoicing and payment system puts you  at risk for human error. And any time there is an error, you could be losing money. The solution is to streamline your billing and payment system with software  that instantly keeps track of the invoice, corresponding payments, and receipts, keeping you in business and more profitable.

Lawn care invoice technology has come a long way, and modernizing your invoicing system can seriously benefit your business.

If you’re still using a paper-based invoicing system or if you’re not satisfied with your current program, read on to find out how to choose the best invoicing system for your lawn care business.

what to look for in invoice software

What to Look for in an Invoicing System

There are many different solutions in the marketplace.  The one you need is the invoice software best tailored to your business. Here’s what to look for in lawn care invoice software.

Invoicing Software Must Keep you Organized

If you have been running a paper-based system for a while, you understand how hard it is to keep track of paperwork. Paper can be easily lost–  and then hard to find if it’s misfiled.. An online invoicing system must keep you organized to reduce any risk of losing track of invoices and payments.

Invoicing software should be easy for you to use and should make it easy for your clients to pay you. This eliminates  the need to send out paper invoices, receive check payments, physically take checks to the bank, and cross-check against your invoices once the checks clear.

What about late payments? When running a paper-based system, it’s not easy to track late-paying customers. Your online invoicing system should streamline the whole process, making it easier to look up customer details, check if they’ve paid, and add late fees if necessary.

Invoicing Software Should be Industry Specific

Running a lawn care business is different from running a store or a manufacturing plant. You have industry-specific issues, and your invoice software should recognize that. If your invoice software is not industry-specific, it will be difficult for you to add line items relevant to a lawn care business – such as calculating the square footage of a yard or creating an accurate estimate while still on-property.

Invoicing Software Needs to be Customizable

Because every business is different, you need to be able to customize your invoicing software to your specific needs. In addition to branding and promoting your business, any lawn care invoicing software should also focus on customer satisfaction and not just software. The easier you make it for clients to pay online, the better your cash flow will be.

Invoicing Software Needs to be Automated

The more automated your lawn care invoicing system is, the easier it is to keep track of invoicing and payments. An automated lawn care invoicing system also makes tracking and reporting quick and easy without the need for as many manual inputs.  

How Does Real Green’s Payment Processing and Invoicing Work?

Real Green Systems automation software effectively manages every aspect of your lawn care business, from handling the day-to-day tasks of business operations to marketing, billing, and payments. 

Your billing process begins with Real Green Payment Processing (RGPP), designed to work for the lawn care business. It provides an all-in-one, secure, PCI-compliant payment solution. Clients have peace of mind that their personal information is always protected and their payment details are safe.

real green payment processing

RGPP invoice software  seamlessly integrates with Service Assistant to quickly and safely collect online payments. It gives the client the option to pay-as-they-go, pre-pay, or autopay. Convenience equals happy clients.

RGPP virtually eliminates late payments because past due clients receive notifications that encourage prompt payment. Receiving more timely payments means having fewer clients on credit hold.. With automation, you spend less time resolving customer accounts.

The invoicing software is mobile friendly and works on any device. It allows clients to make payments on-site using their credit card or debit card instantly after the job is completed eliminating any lag time. The software can invoice and accept payments in real-time, where you’ll get paid right away, and clients appreciate the ease of payment at the time of service.

The best invoice software is always going to be one that saves you time, effort, and costs. Real Green Payment Processing will help you use less paper in the office. No more sending out bulky, wasteful monthly statements. Customers simply log in to see their easy-to-understand invoice and pay online with ease.

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