Capture Bailout Functionality

Leads are essential to sustain and grow your business. Now, Customer Assistant Websites (CAW) retain information potential customers enter into CAW, even if they abandon the site (bailout) without completing their initial order. These records are identified in the system as ‘Not a Customer Pathway’ and previously left you with no way to follow up on the abandoned sales because CAW did not retain the entered information.

CAW has remedied that by adding a ‘Capture Bailouts’ checkbox. You can decide whether or not to keep the ‘Bailout’ contact data with the click of a button. Go to the Site Settings section in the CAW dashboard and select the Capture Bailouts checkbox. Now when a potential client enters their information, a CAW account will be created, as well as a call log entry in Service Assistant with the entered data so you can follow up and close the sale.

Types of CAW Email Communications

Specific customer actions within CAW generate automated emails, simplifying, and streamlining the sales and communications processes for your business. For example, if a customer requests a service call, a ‘Can We Help You’ confirmation email will acknowledge you received their request and will contact them shortly. There are other types of automated customer acknowledgment emails within CAW, including:
customer email

  • Registration Confirmation
  • Password Change Confirmation
  • Additional Services Confirmation
  • Autopay Confirmation
  • Autopay Cancellation Acknowledgement

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