Real Green Systems and landscaping companies everywhere have embraced modern mobile technology. Everywhere you look people are on their phone, staring at a tablet, a laptop or talking to their watches. That’s why Real Green Systems offers software products that put those behaviors to work for the growth of your company. With this fast-paced environment, a few insider tips and tricks can help make sure you’re taking full advantage of the software.

No one wants to be stuck in the office handling customer calls all day. Customer Assistant® Websites (CAW) is equipped with the tools your business needs to allow your customers to serve themselves. Accessed through your existing website or as a standalone, CAW is open for business at the whim of your customer. Since it’s an app they can use any mobile device to add services, make payments or signup for pre- and autopay. You use the CAW software to auto-serve upsell offers to customers based on their current services or based on condition codes found on customer properties and entered by your field technicians. Offer autopay and prepayment incentives for those customers not enrolled to increase cashflow and decrease receivables.

Service Assistant 5 users enjoy the security, ease and full integration of Real Green Payment Processing (RGPP) and CAW, making it simple for their customers to stay up to date on their account and track any changes that may occur. Through CAW customers can sign up for auto pay and never miss a payment again. If you don’t want to set the customer up for auto pay you can still retain the ability to safely charge their card, just don’t change the billing type from ‘regular/invoice’ to ‘credit card’. Customers can request their own services through the software, ultimately reducing the amount of calls and allowing customer service representatives to focus on leads and other areas of business growth.

If you’re still using Service Assistant 4 you unfortunately aren’t eligible to integrate CAW, but when you make the switch to Service Assistant 5 you can take advantage of the RGPP software and the security of our PCI compliant, SOCII certified platform. If late payments have been holding your business back, count on RGPP to keep customers up to date on their payments, drastically decreasing late payments and adding the convenience and security you and your customers can rely on.

Stop chasing money, let it flow to you! You can set CAW so that ‘Pay as you go’ is no longer an option–forcing customers to prepay or sign up for autopay. You’ll find this feature in the ‘New Sales Parameters’ section of the CAW admin dashboard under the ‘Offer Customer’ section.

Providing superior customer service has never been easier than with a service management software like CAW, where customers can enjoy features like the online purchase of services, requesting additional service through the app, referring their friends and family, getting tips to help maintain their property, making payments online and much more.

Grow your business with Real Green software products that travel with you and your customers. Save time and reduce the effort it takes to run a successful growing business. If you’re a current Service Assistant 5 user and you’d like more information on CAW or other products, visit If you don’t have Service Assistant 5, tap into the power, visit