The combination of warmer, wetter weather and delayed start to work due to the coronavirus has resulted in a higher-than-average mosquito population this summer. Mosquitoes love standing water, and periods of heavy rain can cause an exponential population increase: Just look back to Michigan in 2018, where a two-week stretch of rain caused the mosquito population to nearly quadruple. This summer is poised to be the same. And with people spending more time than ever in their own outdoor spaces, they’ll be looking for ways to combat these annoying, itch-inducing pests. mosquito spray Your clients might be tempted to try to fight the mosquito menace on their own with sprays, bait traps or citronella. But those DIY mosquito methods offer, at best, short-term relief. Plus, mosquitoes are more than just an itchy nuisance: According to the Centers for Disease Control, mosquito bites can spread harmful diseases including West Nile Virus, Zika Virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis. While these illnesses may be rare, they are dangerous. Professional pest control remains the best way to truly eradicate these buzzing beasts. That’s where you come in. Real Green Systems Service Assistant 5 and our robust suite of lawn care and pest control business software make it easy for you to add pest control services to your offerings, to upsell pest control to your existing customers and to grow your business by adding new pest control clients to your roster:
    • Blanket entire neighborhoods with direct mail pieces announcing your pest control services
    • Enable your techs to flag bug infestations on properties they’re servicing via Mobile Live
    • Send “set-it-and-forget it” pest control upsell emails through Automated Marketing Assistant
    • Efficiently route all of your pest control clients through Routing Assistant
    • Enable current clients to request AND pre-pay pest control services through your Customer Assistant Website
    • Create targeted pest control marketing campaigns, then capture, track and convert the leads you generate with our closed-loop marketing system, ProspectSmart
Help your clients rid their yards of pesky mosquitoes – and grow your business while you’re doing it. Contact Real Green Systems today to see how we can help!