How to Sell Your Mosquito Control Services

You and your customers have worked hard to make their yard a comfortable oasis. Their lawn is lush, the landscaping is just right. The patio furniture is comfortable and arranged perfectly. The lighting creates an ideal ambiance. And spring is the right time to start enjoying all of that to the fullest. There’s just one problem. Or, really, thousands of them.


They’re the buzzing pest that absolutely nobody wants around. They’re annoying, they’re everywhere and they’re a total buzzkill. They laugh in the face of citronella candles; they see over-the-counter bug spray as a challenge to overcome; they come in numbers too large for bug lights to have any effect. At worst, they spread disease; at best, they cause significant discomfort. They’re the reason that mosquito control programs are so important both to your customers and to your lawn care business.

More Than Just a Nuisance

Anyone who’s ever swatted a stinging mosquito from their arm knows what a nuisance these swarming insects can be. But mosquitoes can pose more than just a threat of itchy bites and ruined picnics: They can actually spread harmful diseases. Mosquitoes are happy to bite just about anyone, and there are not vaccines or specific medicines available for most of the diseases they do spread. In the United States, mosquitoes are most likely to spread the West Nile virus or less common viruses including Eastern equine encephalitis and St. Louis encephalitis. Getting rid of mosquitoes is good for the health of the community, and it’s a service people want. This year is likely to provide yet another bumper crop of mosquitoes, with wetter, hotter weather than 2020, so getting out in front of the insect invasion is key…and your customers will be looking for mosquito control options.

Marketing your mosquito control business.

Get In the Mosquito Business

There’s no question: Offering mosquito control can be an excellent add-on service and source of additional revenue for your company. However, it’s important to know what the requirements are in your area before offering pest control services — rules and regulations will vary depending on your location. Once you’re ready to offer exterior mosquito control services, it’s essential to let your clients know how you can help them.

Spread the Word

Start by letting everyone know that your company offers mosquito control programs. Make sure your website highlights your pest control services so that visitors can easily learn about what you can do for them and ask for a quote. It’s also important to make sure that your mosquito control services don’t look like an “extra” or an “afterthought” on your site – you want it to look like this is an important offering that your company takes seriously and is knowledgeable about, not an also-ran that you slapped on there just to make some extra bucks. Do you have a Customer Assistant Website? Promote “mosquito control” as an add-on that your customers will see when they log on to service their accounts. Next, add “pest control” to your list of service offerings in all of your online business listings (Google, Yelp, Nextdoor, etc.) so that potential customers searching for mosquito control help will have an easier time finding you, too. And be sure to add information about your mosquito services to any custom-printed invoices, statements and even prepay letters

Start Selling Mosquito Control

The obvious place to start marketing your mosquito management programs is with your current lawn care customers. They’re already happy, you already have a relationship with them and your techs are familiar with their properties. Many of them are likely to be excited that your trusted company is in the mosquito business and will be happy to add the service – once they know about it. Here are a few ways to market your mosquito control services:

  • Email marketing. Send several messages to your existing list promoting your mosquito control offerings. An email marketing program might look something like this: Start with a formal announcement of your new mosquito services. Follow up with a short email introducing your new pest control tech, if you hired one. Next, an email offering exclusive “good customer” mosquito control program signup or pre-pay rates. Then, a message with pest control and mosquito avoidance tips. Get the idea? If your business management software offers solid automated marketing capabilities, setting up a program like this should be easy.
  • Print marketing. It always helps to have some leave-behinds to reinforce your message. Door hangers and brochures will help keep your mosquito control services top-of-mind with your current customers and also will reach the ones who don’t open their email!
  • Direct mail. This works for current and potential customers. Target entire neighborhoods in the areas you service or focus on new homeowners, those with yards of a certain size, specific demographics (like families with pets or kids) etc. A well-targeted direct mail campaign advertising your mosquito management services will reach the specific customers you need to reach and help reinforce your company brand when those people start looking for a mosquito control company.
  • Tell your techs to spread the word! Make sure your in-field technicians note if they see signs of mosquito issues or infestations as they are performing services. Not only can they let customers know in their service notes, but you can then specifically target those customers with personalized mosquito control offers.
  • Post on your social channels. Start posting about your mosquito control services on all of your social channels. Let customers know what you can do for them, how you can help and how they can find out more.

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