Often we’re so focused on the larger issues in running a business that we overlook small details that can cost us money. For example, every day I stop at a local coffee shop for a giant dose of caffeine. Every morning there are at least five people ahead of and the same number behind me in the drive-thru lane. This coffee shop is adjacent to a large office and industrial campus, including an auto assembly plant – which is currently running two shifts. That’s a lot of coffee drinkers.

Daylight savings time started yesterday. This morning, that coffee shop was dark outside, except for the tiny “open” sign in the window and the interior lights. The drive-thru marque stated, “We are sorry but we are currently closed” as I drove up. Someone forgot to set the timer forward.

That small oversight cost this shop some serious cash this morning. Why? People aren’t looking for a small open sign in the window – especially when driving by at 50 mph. They look for the giant sign to be lit over the door. It wasn’t. They drove on.

What small things are you overlooking in your business? How much are those small oversights costing? They’re probably as easy to fix as resetting a timer.

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