Running a lawn care business can be hard. There are a lot of moving parts and you spend so much time and energy performing lawn care services that it seems you have nothing left for marketing and growth.

What if we told you there is an easier way? You don’t have to do it all by yourself. Delegating your lawn care marketing to a trusted industry professional can take the stress off so you can focus on running your business effectively. Real Green, who has been in business for nearly forty years, knows what it takes to grow a lawn care business, and we can help you achieve your goals.

First things first. When it comes to boosting sales in the lawn mowing business, you must get organized. If your truck is covered in crumpled estimates from five years past or you have difficulty deciphering what your estimates say, you may have a problem. No worries, though, because we have solutions to help your business get organized. Before we delve into how we can improve your bid sheet, let’s cover the basics of how to make a profit in the landscaping space. 

How to Make A Profit Bidding Lawns

For your landscaping business to be profitable, you must make it a priority to cover your costs first. Although it may be tempting to cut corners and give ballparks or guesstimates, don’t. Unless you are donating to charity, you should always know how much each job will cost you to perform before providing a quote to your potential customer.

Invest in Your Bid

There’s only one way to know your costs before performing the lawn maintenance; that’s to do a detailed estimate. Investing your time in the pre-bid process will pay off for you when it comes to profits. How much time you invest in bidding will vary depending on the system you are using. Some businesses choose our Arbor Care Software option for quoting landscaping services. But if you prefer to use good old-fashioned pen and paper, our custom printed bid templates can help you get organized. With our help, it’s easy.

When you’re in the field putting together a lawn care quote, you can’t just scribble down the number of hours you think it will take to do the job. Your estimate needs to be thorough and cover all aspects and potential problems. If you prepare ahead of time by using a lawn care quote template, you will save time and money because a standard template can ensure that you capture all the information you need on your first site visit.

Invest in Your Image to Boost Sales

Besides covering your costs in your bid, another tip we have for making a profit in the landscaping industry is this: present yourself professionally so that your potential client sees you as trustworthy. You can establish a baseline of professionalism and trust simply by using a BrandPack to proudly display your company identity.

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How to Estimate Lawn Care Services

As a lawn care professional, you already know how to estimate your properties. But let’s take a look at some specific details that companies sometimes overlook.

Be Wary of Free Satellite Software

Take real measurements before quoting a price to a potential client. Some businesses skip this step by using free satellite-view measurements, but those will only tell part of the story. You may justify the use of these services as a time-saver, but they can also cost you a lot if any of the following happen:

  • Images are outdated or the landscape has drastically changed
  • Obstacles are obscured by trees
  • Scale is incorrect
create measurements in seconds with the easy to use measurement assistant interface

Get Accurate Measurements

It is always advisable to take at least one on-site measurement to confirm an accurate scale. With an in-person visit, you can also quickly identify any labor-intensive areas. Some other questions to consider when calculating labor costs for lawn care bids are:

  • How much trimming is required?
  • Which mower can access the property?
  • Will multiple mower sizes and types be required?
  • Are there any access issues?

With our custom bid templates, you can quickly get the measurements you need and be on your way to the next job.

Lawn Care Bid Template Ideas

Real Green isn’t just a marketing and printing company. We’re dedicated to the industry, and we’re experts in landscaping services. You shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel each time you quote a new property. We can make bidding simple by creating the perfect custom design and print template to match your lawn care services.

Add Your Brand

What exactly goes on a lawn care quote template? That is completely up to you, but if you are looking for inspiration, here are some suggested line items:

  • Your company name and logo
  • Your company’s contact information
  • Date of estimate
  • Property address
  • Customer name and contact
  • Hourly rate
  • Quote amount
  • Notes Section
  • Payment details or payment terms

Use Customized Grids and Legends

Create grids right on your lawn care proposal template. The use of a grid resembles graphing paper and can be used as a scale. For example, one foot equals one grid square. Grids can also help draw straight lines on the go.

Add symbols and a legend to customize your bid sheet template. For example, you may include a symbol to notate obstacles like trees, hydrants, or poles. You can also use a color legend and different-colored pens. You might use one color for a fence and another color for landscaping bricks.

Finish with References and Checkboxes

Save time and avoid having to go back and forth looking up labor rates. Instead, display your quick-reference information directly on your bid sheet. Most landscaping companies will have standard rates for figuring costs and quotes. For example, how many square feet can be mowed per hour for each mower your business owns? How many linear feet of edging work can be done per hour? You may even want to include blanks for entering quantities and the calculated answer in hours. You can do all of these things with our custom bid sheets.

Checkboxes are an excellent way to guarantee a thorough estimate. Add a list directly to your bid sheet to check off each aspect of the estimate as it is completed:

  • Measurements completed
  • Mower size determined
  • Edging needs calculated

Checkboxes can display all of your services to clearly show your customer the proposed scope of work. You can also notate the frequency of services with checkboxes right on your custom bid sheet.

If you decide that you love the idea of our custom bid templates, nothing stops you from having us design an internal bid sheet along with a separate, simpler one for your customers. This service is truly customizable to meet your exact needs.

Quick and easy payment processing options for your landscaping business customers.

Provide a Professional Quote to Your Customer

You should feel proud of the hard work that you put into each lawn care bid. Using our bid sheets, your customers will take you seriously. A professional presentation could mean more money in your pocket and less time wasted on bids that never materialize. Your customer needs to know that you are a legitimate operation. Since our bid templates are custom-designed and tailored to your specific services, you can turn your bid into a quote that you provide directly to your customer.

Save Time and Combine

Calculating an estimate and writing a quote don’t have to be separate steps. Streamline your process by turning your template into a quote. When your bid sheet looks professional from the start, you can feel confident when handing it over to your potential client. This saves you time, money, and energy and might be the frosting on top that convinces your customer to sign your lawn care contract.

Close More Deals

Custom print lawn care templates can boost your sales by streamlining your processes, organizing your bid information, and marketing your brand effortlessly. Let us help by creating beautiful and functional proposals that will save you time and turn a profit while allowing you to focus on your day-to-day business operations. This small step in marketing is an essential part of growing your lawn care business and getting more clients.

Once you’ve provided your quote to the client on your newly custom-printed bid form, you can move on to the next project with peace of mind, knowing that the BrandPack will work its magic without you lifting another finger. If you like the idea of marketing that works without continuous exertion, you may also be interested in knowing that our automated email software can help you keep track of your quote’s status and remind customers to close the deal.

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