Lawn Care Software: Ditch the Lawn Care Pricing Spreadsheet

For the longest time, lawn care professionals handled pricing and revenue using an outdated spreadsheet model. In fact, you probably still use this method–and while it works okay, it’s tedious, time-consuming, and not nearly as efficient as it should be.

With the advent of modern software to help us do just about anything, it’s important that you understand how lawn care software can help you improve your lawn care business. Here’s what you need to know. 

What is Lawn Care Software Used For? 

Real Green’s lawn care software is designed for lawn care, landscaping, pest control, and arbor care professionals. With the lingo and info you need to run your business, this software can help you boost your marketing while streamlining your day-to-day business management. 

The goal of Real Green’s software is to put more time back into your schedule so you can focus on offering the best possible services to your clients. We offer the leading software solution in the industry and it’s available on every device, any time of the day. With our software, you can take up to 20% more customers without the need for any more staff. 

All the while, you’ll find that you’re able to stay in touch with your current customers better, and schedule follow-up appointments with ease. The end result is that you can maximize your revenue while getting more out of each and every day, and it’s all thanks to ditching the old spreadsheet model. 

How Much Should I Be Charging? 

A lot of businesses don’t look into software because it represents a small amount of overhead. But, as the saying goes, “You have to spend money to make money.” What’s more, most business owners who are thinking in that mind set simply aren’t making enough–which means they probably aren’t charging enough. 

The great thing about a lawn care software is that it can shine light on the actual numbers behind your business. With a simple spreadsheet, you might know how much money you’re bringing in each month, but do you know the total number of hours you’re spending on all those jobs? Do you know how much time you’re travelling between jobs? How about gas expenses and equipment maintenance?

These are all numbers you may have, but it’s hard to compare them and visualize them without a modern software to help you do it. Otherwise, you’ll be spending so much time messing around with reports that it’ll cut into your profits even more! So, until you have software, you may not realize that some services aren’t lucrative, but a good place to start is by making sure that you’re charging a fair rate.

Cost of Lawn Care Services

The going rate for lawn care services varies based on where you’re located, how big your team is, and your reputation. Most businesses can end up charging more as they gain a reputation around town, but you’ll eventually reach the ceiling and you’ll find it hard to keep increasing your prices.

Regardless, if you are offering lawn care services, you’ll want to start somewhere around $25/hour for lawn mowing and take it up to $60/hour, if your clients allow. You can also charge per acre, about $175 per acre, if you’re working with very large lots. If you are applying fertilizer, you can charge anywhere from $80 to $380 based on the product and size of the lot.

Meanwhile, lawn aeration can cost anywhere from $70 to $190, dethatching can cost up to $175 an hour, and weed removal varies from $35 to $120. Leaf removal is more expensive, going up to between $190 and $540 if you’re charging based on lot size. If you want to offer a complete lawn care service where you cleanup, cut, and do any tidying up, you can charge $40 to $80 per hour.

Seasonal yard cleanup, like during the spring or fall, tends to range between $100 and $250. Again, these prices vary depending on the size of the yard, the type of equipment you’re bringing in, and how efficiently you work. If you offer specialty services like tree pruning or removal, you’ll want to consider the local market to help you set your prices. 

What Kind of Software Do I Need?

Real Green offers a suite of software designed specifically for lawn care professionals. You can pick-and-choose between a variety of software solutions to help you grow your business, including the following.

Service Assistant

If you’re not already using a CRM (customer relationship management) software, you need the Service Assistant. This simple, streamlined program helps maintain and organize customer records for you while automatic your day-to-day tasks. it even integrates with other Real Green software, helping to automate marketing. 

The Service Assistant can be accessed from any device around-the-clock so you can always stay on top of your day. Some of the best features of this software including the measurement assistant, which allows you to easily provide quotes to customers without needing to pay them a visit.

You’ll also love the routing assistant, which helps your team save time as they head from one property to the next. By scheduling in all of your clients using this tool, your team will be able to follow the most efficient routes between homes and businesses, allowing them to start and finish jobs sooner. 

Customer Assistant

The service assistant works great on your end to help you manage your business, but what about making sure that your customers are getting the service they deserve? With customer assistant, you can grow your business almost hands-free by offering a web portal that will help your customers book your services, pay their bills, and stay in touch.

Through the customer portal, you can alert clients about adverse weather conditions that may cause your services to be delayed or re-scheduled. You can also generate emails automatically based on different triggers, like a reminder that they should schedule their service again. 

If you need to contact customers, the portal makes it easy to reach out to them, and you can automate marketing practices by scheduling emails and postcards to up-sell them to other services. Best of all, you only need to set up this portal once and it will be available for all of your customers to use, all of the time. 

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How do you calculate lawn maintenance cost?

The cost of lawn maintenance depends on your location, experience, the size of the yard, and the size of your team. Lawn mowing ranges between $25 and $60 per hour while complete lawn care (edging, deweeding, etc.) ranges from $40 to $80 per hour. 

How much should I charge for cutting grass?

If you plan to cut grass professionally, you should plan to charge no less than $25 per hour, going up to $60 per hour as you gain experience or better equipment. For extremely large lots, most tend to charge per acre (like $175 per acre). Many clients prefer to get a flat rate estimate, so if you think a lawn is going to take you an hour-and-a-half and you want to make $30/hour, you need to quote them $45. 

What is a good price for yard work?

The price for yard work varies depending on the time of year, type of service, and where you’re located. Lawn mowing is generally the cheapest service, starting at $25/hour, while deweeding, leaf removal, and specialty services tend to cost more. Fertilizing, aerating, or dethatching a lawn can easily earn you $50 or more per hour. 

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