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Real Green Systems Helps Renovate Detroit’s Pingree Park™

Local Businesses, City of Detroit and Residents Collaborate with Project Evergreen to Serve as a Catalyst for Change

November 3, 2017 – Walled Lake, Mich. – Real Green Systems, a lawn care and landscape software developer located in Walled Lake, Michigan, has collaborated with Project Evergreen to help renew and beautify Pingree Park, an 18-acre park in an East Side Detroit neighborhood spanning from East Warren Avenue to East Canfield Street. The Pingree renovation project is a collaborative effort between Mayor Mike Duggan’s office, local businesses, neighborhood residents and Project EverGreen, a national non-profit that brings people together to make a difference in their communities through greener, healthier cooler parks that capture carbon and results in cleaner air in the Pingree Park neighborhood.

This community effort to improve the city’s park will include better walkways, updated landscaping for beauty and safety, renovated sports fields with improved grass surfaces, welcoming gathering spaces, much-needed pruning for the old trees that provide needed shade in the heat of the summer. A revitalization to the park is expected to boost the health and well-being of the neighborhood, raise home values and serve as a spark for nearby development.

The Pingree Park makeover aligns with the mayor’s progressive initiative to renovate 40 smaller parks across the city this year hoping to reduce blight and restore community pride.

Improvements will provide residents with better use of the park, increased safety for kids playing on the grass sports fields and generate community pride. It will also create a central community hub for people to gather and connect with one another.

“We hope our efforts will create a green space where residents can connect with neighbors and develop lasting relationships that help the community thrive,” said Mike Dauer, Real Green’s vice president of direct mail and list acquisition. Dauer is currently volunteering his time at the park and has been actively involved with Project Evergreen since 2016. He currently serves as its secretary/treasurer.

For more information, please call (800) 422-7478.