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Real Green Systems announces RealGreen.Marketing

Lawn care software developer launches a new automated digital to print marketing division


Walled Lake, Mich. – August 17, 2015 – Real Green Systems™ is thrilled to announce the formation of a new automated digital to print marketing division named RealGreen.Marketing. The new company provides mobile and local optimization marketing programs, customized web-to-print dashboards, social marketing, Every Door Direct Mail, and more to clients worldwide.




In a recent statement, Real Green’s President and Chief Operations Officer Don Brown said, “Automated (digital) marketing has come into its own and RealGreen.Marketing is well positioned to help companies grow at an unparalleled rate. This new division is a manifestation of our Real Green Systems mission to help our customers grow and expand their businesses. RealGreen.Marketing will give us the talent and technological expertise necessary to facilitate fulfillment of our mission.”




Heading the new division are Vice President of Marketing Services Mike Dauer and Vice President of National Accounts Dave Prevost. Prevost had this to say about the operation, “What sets RealGreen.Marketing apart from our competitors is our comprehensive analytics, delivered via highly customizable dashboards. You can now analyze your marketing effectiveness at a local, regional, national – even international level – depending on your organizational needs – in real-time. It’s easy to track and allows companies to be more agile in their marketing efforts with the quick data returns.”




Real Green Systems founder and CEO, Joe Kucik stated, “Since its inception in 1984, Real Green Systems has been focused on helping customers grow through aggressive marketing. Yes, we sell operations software to run the business, but Real Green is about helping our customers grow and be the best they can be. Our new digital marketing division is the culmination of years of hard work in that area. It’s the realization of a longtime dream. I’m truly excited to see how it grows and how it helps our customer.”




For more information, contact Real Green Systems at 1-888-345-2154.