Marketing can become complicated, even more so at a local level. For specialty service industry companies like lawn care, pest control or even septic cleaning, it’s easy for online advertising to get lost and not reach its intended audience. Audiences are fragmented over hundreds of apps, search engines, social platforms, business listings, and more are appearing daily. It’s so tempting to want to do everything, all at once. However, it is imperative that companies be knowledgeable, selective and use their time wisely to find the most effective marketing channels for their industry.

If you thought you knew local Search Engine Optimization (SEO), think again

Local SEO differs greatly from an average SEO campaign, and local search results are changing faster than any other result. Local SEO is more than keywords and phrases. Companies have to go outside of their website to get locally optimized. They need good, strong reviews, social profiles (yes, plural – Facebook alone won’t cut it) and posts, mobile-friendly sites with interaction through clicks (clicks indicate there is something relevant that people want to know about), inbound links (good ones that are germane to your business – spam links can hurt), and more. Once these things are implemented, companies have to maintain and increase them over time, otherwise the business will lose relevancy and drop like a rock in search engine page rank.

But wait! There’s more

Do an online search for “lawn care service” or “pest control service” in your area. The results may be surprising. There is likely more competition for your target audience than realized. Are competitors out ranking your company? I’d be willing to bet the farm that most competitors are locally optimizing their online presence. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be outranking your business in your own backyard. Local marketing solutions can help overcome that obstacle.

Don’t panic

It’s tempting to go off on a tangent and want to do it all NOW, but don’t. What’s needed is a systematic and sensible approach to this seeming chaos. Enter the local SEO marketing company (You’re looking it up now on Goolge, aren’t you?).

When selecting the SEO marketing company that gets your business, it’s important to choose one that knows your industry. More harm can be done from an ill-planned local campaign than anything else. Make sure to choose a company that has no problem providing clients with detailed analytical data. Some SEO companies provide basic, detail-starved reports that just offer blanket statements like “Yep, you’re doing great” or “Well, you’re not doing so great. We need to increase spend.”

Control your data

When choosing a local SEO marketing company, make sure to maintain control over the data – do not have it parceled out like golden nuggets and at an equally dear price. A good marketing company will gladly share data and knowledge, right down to what to post on your company’s website – when and how. They’ll give detailed reporting on the overall health of web site and its presence as well as make suggestions to improve it.

Most of all, a reputable SEO marketing company should establish an ongoing relationship with your company. They shouldn’t offer a one-time service or offer to just be a service provider. If they’re of any real worth, they’ll work hard to become a valued extension of your staff.

RealGreen.Marketing provides all of this. We know your industry. After all, we are Real Green Systems and have been providing lawn care and pest control businesses with business and marketing solutions for more than 30 years.

Want to know more about RealGreen.Marketing’s myLocal program? Contact Real Green Systems!

MyLocal Marketing

In this digital age, a high priced, full-color display ad for your business in your local or regional YellowPages would be a waste of money and effort. Most people opt to leave the big yellow book in the closet and perform quick and convenient searches for information right from their smart phone. So, wouldn’t it make sense to focus your effort to get your lawn care and pest control services seen online?

RealGreen.Marketing’s MyLocal marketing program delivers results for companies that rely on local customers. Utilize the knowledge of our experienced staff to develop a digital marketing strategy that will allow customers to find your business on Google Search and Google Maps, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, CitySearch and even online in the business White Pages. Our staff can even help with website content, social media posts, Google Analytics and AdWords, online reviews and reputation management.

MyLocal provides a multi-faceted marketing strategy:

  • Locally optimized website
  • Review program with a bad experience filter
  • Social media site creation and posting
  • Online presence management
  • Text messaging customer engagement program
  • Drip campaign text messaging
  • Analytics

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