Helping you plan your way to marketing success

Whether you’re in Lawn Care or Pest Control, digital and print marketing are key components to your company’s success. Great marketing starts with research and planning and we’re here to help you plan your way to marketing success with a simple test. After you’ve answered all the questions, you’ll be ready to formulate a strategy to reach your goals.

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  1. Product: What does your company sell?
  2. Price: Does your price points match up to industry standards? Are they attracting all types of clientele from low to high income?
  3. Promotion: How is your company marketing its services?
  4. Placement: Reflect on how a customer discovers a sale you’re offering…Is it word-of-mouth, telemarketing, face-to-face, website, direct mail?
  5. People: Are your customers satisfied with your products and services? How are your employees perceived by your customers?
  6. Perspective: How would others define what you do?
  7. Philosophy: Real Green’s philosophy is “To help you grow and manage your business.” What is your company’s philosophy?
  8. Plan: Does your company have a marketing plan? The marketing plan is the main tool to help achieve your overall goals.

What was your score? Okay, we’re not actually grading you, but this should have been an informative exercise to get you thinking about your businesses marketing approach and help you to formulate a strategy to reach your goals.

If you need more assistance with your direct marketing or digital marketing 8-Ps give Real Green Systems a call or visit us.