Routing Assistant® allows you to schedule the most fuel- and time- efficient routes for your technicians, increasing your company’s profitability. This Service Assistant® add on tool’s exclusive scheduling feature will optimize your routes as you select which days are the best to perform applications on your customers’ properties — and which days to avoid.
route mapping software
You can also target which customers should receive services first. This feature helps you take care of “time sensitive” customers, provide prompt remedies for problem customers and schedule customers who are receiving the same type of services in batches. Plus, you can view new customer stops on a route and identify past due customers who are on service hold due to late payments.

Routing Assistant updates in real time, keeping your technicians on route and on schedule, providing prompt, reliable service and increasing customer satisfaction. Some companies increase sales by having technicians drop off marketing materials to neighboring properties with the time saved servicing their routes.

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