Chris Messina brought the hashtag to Twitter back in 2007, before that, the hashtag or pound symbol as you may be used to, was used in various way around the internet. For example, in the 90s It was used to create and categorize groups.

But in today’s social media driven climate, the hashtag has been proven superior and very beneficial to social users for business, marketing, or everyday life on social media.

But what does a hashtag do? According to Business 2 Community hashtags help increase your social media presence as they make your content viewable by anyone who has an interest in your hashtag as it goes beyond just your followers allowing for more people to view your business.

Here are the top five reasons you should be using hashtags to take your business to the next level.

  1. They allow you to hear what’s going on in your industry: So whether you have a pest control business or interested in lawn care software by adding a hashtag you can search for what’s in your niche to see what people are talking about, and also gives you the chance to join in on the conversation.
  2. They allow you to promote special events, contest or deals: Use a hashtag when you have a promotion going on or a contest and encourage your customers to use it too, this way you can track campaigns easily for your lawn care or pest control businesses. Try making your hashtag fun and easy to remember for easy sharing on social platforms.
  3. digital marketing for lawn careImprove your click through rates: If you’re looking to get more traction on your social platforms, then hashtags are the way to go. Tweets with hashtags get more engagement than those without. Allow your customers to interact with your brand and comment about specific products or services you may offer, driving more traffic to your website.
  4. Market your brand: On social media it’s important to market your brand. Make it easy for social media followers to find your business. The more photo’s you share with the hashtag of your brand name, the more your brand gets prominent and people will know that if a particular post comes from your hashtag, they’ll know what business that is.
  5. Perform better customer service: Keeping track of your hashtags allows you to monitor your reputation on social media. Respond to comments, complaints, or praises quickly with a search of your hashtag, allowing for better communication between you and your customers. Social users enjoy when companies are responsive to their needs giving them more reason to stick with your business and sharing it with others.

Now that you know where the hashtag came from, what they do and a few top reasons why you should be incorporating them into your business, start creating hashtags and watch your business grow, attract new customers and grow your online presence. Every user that searches your hashtag have an opportunity to become a potential customer.

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