You’ve worked hard and dedicated your time and effort to providing tree removal services for your clients and you deserve to be fairly compensated. One common mistake that small, service-oriented businesses make is this — focusing only on getting the job done and leaving no time for proper invoicing.

No matter how much business you drum up as a tree removal service provider, you can only turn a profit if you invoice your client for payment. If your work truck is full of crumpled or half-completed forms, it’s a sign that your current invoice system could benefit from an upgrade.

This guide will cover the importance of invoices, the necessary items to include on your tree removal invoice template, and how digital invoicing software can help.

Why do I need a tree removal service invoice?

Investing your resources in the right areas is the key to running a profitable service-oriented business. You want to see a good investment return, which is why you should invest in an invoice system. Here are some of the reasons to do so. 

Clarity with organized invoicing

It’s challenging to get a clear picture of your tree removal business’s profitability if your ledger is out of whack. With a dedicated tree removal invoice system, you can track every job with an invoice number. Quickly verify that you billed the client and even reference completed jobs to see how profitable they were compared to your original quote. When you get organized with invoice and billing software, increased profits will clearly indicate that your investment is worthwhile.

Time Savings

Tree removal service providers know how time-consuming and labor-intensive the work is. While it may seem like a quick handwritten bill is the fastest way to get paid, it could take up more time than you think and leaves room for error and lost paperwork. With a well-constructed tree service invoice form, drafting an invoice becomes as simple as checking a few boxes and could save you hours trying to recreate incomplete, lost, or illegible information.

Faster payment turnaround time

A professional tree service invoice can lead to a quicker payment turnaround time. When your customers receive a branded, clear, and concise invoice that is easy to read and understand, they don’t hesitate to pay the bill. Plus, when your clients choose to pay invoices directly through billing software, funds are automatically applied, reflecting a real-time portrayal of incoming payments.

What items should be on my tree service invoice template?

Whether you’ve been handwriting your invoices for years or have tried out a printable template, all tree service invoice forms should have some essential bare-bones items.

Invoice number

Every invoice should have a unique identification number, called an invoice number. This number allows you to quickly reference the services that you provided to a specific customer. It also helps to ensure that every job is invoiced and every invoice gets paid.

Invoice numbers can be as simple as a numerical system beginning with 001 or more complicated to include additional information, such as the date, which could be displayed as 050122-001 for invoice #1 performed on May 1, 2022.

Company name

Invoices should include your company’s name so that customers know who to pay and also so that they can reference your invoice for future tree removal service needs.

Complete mailing address and phone number

Your tree service invoice needs to include your business’s contact information so that your customers know who to send payment to and can also reach you for future tree removal service calls.

Business hours

When you include your hours of operations on invoices, it is helpful for customers to determine when is the best time to reach you. If your hours are clearly stated, it can alleviate frustration in scheduling new services.

Job description

One of the most vital pieces of information to include on your tree service invoice is a description of the services performed. It puts customers at ease and helps your tree removal technician explicitly describe the nature of the work done.

Tree removal costs

Specific services that your tree removal business performs regularly should be listed on your tree service invoice as a standard line item. This system allows for the most efficient invoicing because your employee can enter a quantity, hours, or check a box to quickly calculate the tree removal costs.

Stump removal costs

Stump removal requires special equipment that some tree service businesses rent rather than own. If you frequently perform stump removal service, you should include it as a standard line item on your invoice along with the equipment cost. Leave a place for quantity and description.

Hedge trimming

Add line items to your tree service invoice for trimming service costs. Be sure to include any special equipment needs.

Special equipment or notes

Your tree service invoice template should include an additional section to add non-standard expenses and other fees such as rental equipment, travel, or special instructions.

Hourly rate or flat fees

The hourly rate, with markup, should be included on your invoice form if you often work on a time and material basis. Otherwise, you can show the flat fee quote on your tree service invoice if you provide a lump sum quote.

Final amount

The above descriptive items should be included as line items that can be quantified and multiplied. The total amount due for payment should be clearly displayed on your invoice to reflect all costs and markup.

Payment options

If improving payment turnaround time is a priority, including your payment options directly on your tree service invoice is one way to get your invoices paid faster. You may even offer discounts for specific payment methods and include payment terms directly on your invoice so that your customers can make prompt payments.

Go paperless with a digital tree removal invoice

Today’s technology has changed the possibilities available to even the smallest of tree removal businesses. You may have thought your only option for invoicing clients was a good old-fashioned pen and paper invoice or stacks of printed invoice forms. Now, the digital invoice is available for all sized businesses, and there are a lot of benefits to going digital, including the following. 

  • Reduced cost of printing
  • Reduction in human error or illegible writing
  • Synchronized digital payment options
  • Instant invoicing
  • Reduction in paper waste
  • Quickly find and reference any invoice
  • It eliminates the need fora  physical filing system


How can Real Green Help your tree removal service company?

A simple investment in a well-formed invoice system can add unthinkable value to your tree service business and increase your profitability immediately. 

When you’re ready to take your business plan to the next level of increased profitability, we are here to help you harness the power of the impressive invoicing tools available to you now. Real Green is here to advance your tree removal service company by customizing and implementing a digital invoice system through our thoughtfully designed Arbor Care Software.

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