Sell Like a Boss — In Seconds. How? With 1-Step Sales

1-Step Sales enables you to quickly and accurately measure the properties of your customers’ entire neighborhoods to enrich your data and increase your ROI. Through Real Green Systems’ Measurement Assistant®, you can add customer information, get accurate measurements and provide cost-efficient estimates in minutes — at any time, in any weather, from any place, without even having to visit the property.
measure lawn by map
Eric Greenwood, owner of The Turf Guys in Saline, MI and a Real Green Systems software user since 1997, says that Measurement Assistant has been instrumental in helping him grow his business by making it easy to create effective marketing campaigns. “Marketing is all about acquisition, and Measurement Assistant has helped me lower my cost per acquisition. It’s been huge in helping us build a database of potential customers — and then in turning those potential customers into actual customers.”

Add or search for a customer using the Customer or Search tab in SA5. Measurement Assistant will access property boundaries based on the county tax assessor’s office and you’ll see a high-res aerial photo of the property you’re looking for. Then customize your measurements by tracing with your mouse. Once you have the square footage, you can quote customers right over the phone in the Measurement Assistant screen. Rain or snow on the horizon? No problem. You can create estimates in any weather condition without worrying that the weather might negatively affect your business. Plus, seasonal views give you a birds-eye view of the property with and without foliage for even greater accuracy. And of course, you can save all of that valuable information for future use in personalized marketing materials and correspondence.

Contact us today to see how 1-Step Sales and Measurement Assistant can help you grow your business with just a few clicks of your mouse.