How My Fertilizing Company Uses Real Green Software to Work Smarter

When Andrew Walsh and Ryan Shiplett started My Fertilizing Company in 2014, they had each already used Real Green at previous businesses. Both partners had worked in the lawn care and fertilizing space in various capacities for years, and they already knew what worked – and what didn’t. “When we started this company, there was really no other option,” says Walsh. “We were going to use Real Green. I was already using it for 13 years at that point. I’ve looked at other software, but it just doesn’t compare to what Real Green can offer.”

But it was more than just familiarity that led Walsh and Shiplett to choose Real Green for their business. “Real Green has it all,” Walsh continues, “especially the marketing aspect, the automations and how everything works together. Other software might be really good at one aspect, but they don’t really have it all together.”

My Fertilizing Company makes use of most of what Real Green has to offer, including Service Assistant 5, Routing Assistant, Mobile Live, Measurement Assistant, Customer Assistant Website, Automated Marketing Assistant, Real Green Payment Processing, Lawnbot, Reviewbot and Captivated. Shiplett says that it made the most business sense for My Fertilizing Company to take advantage of everything they could on the Real Green platform: “You can skip certain software and it will still work fine, but we put all the pieces of the puzzle together and it really helps us. It especially helps me turn off work after hours. I can rely on the software. I don’t have to worry about routing, or payments…everything is automated.”

My Fertilizing Company staff
My Fertilizing Company making use of Real Green Software

Using Real Green to manage their business has enabled My Fertilizing Company to increase and accelerate its growth, with a lean office and in-field staff. Shiplett estimates that using Real Green to go paperless has enabled each tech to complete two to three more jobs a day, and according to Walsh, “We have two sales managers right now. What we can accomplish with Real Green with just those two employees – if we didn’t have Real Green we would need three or four people to make up for the callbacks, automation, setting up estimates and so on. It flows a lot more easily and a lot of stuff is just automatic. It makes life a lot easier.”

Both Walsh and Shiplett say they would definitely recommend the Real Green suite of products to anyone looking to run and grow their green industry business, noting that not only has the software helped My Fertilizing Company become more efficient, but it’s contributed to their overall quality of life as owner-operators.

Shiplett says he appreciates that the efficiencies created by Real Green help him create a better work-life balance, and also that the functionality of Real Green empowers his employees and helps them grow professionally.


“I want to take care of both of my families. I want to make sure my family at home is taken care of and that my family at work is happy. Using the right software helps with that.”

Ryan Shiplett
My Fertilizing Company

“I’d recommend Real Green to a lot of people. I think it’s a great software,” concludes Walsh. “I always ask people: What is your goal in opening this business? If you want to be a one-man operation running things, this might not be what you’re looking for. But if you want to grow, you want to get bigger, you want to be a million dollar company, you want to have a team of employees…you definitely have to use Real Green.”

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