We’re constantly working to improve our software to give you the best tools to run and grow your business right where you are, with the staff you have. This past year has been no exception. Here’s a look at just a few of the things we’ve done in 2022:


Lawn Maintenance Features in Service Assistant 5

lawn maintenance

We understand that while lawn care and lawn maintenance are often used interchangeably by your customers, they have different software requirements. That’s why we added new functionality to SA5 designed just for lawn maintenance, including crew setup, property inventory, quick scheduling, pricing/labor hour calculators and more.

RealGreen Forms

forms streamline

With RealGreen Forms, SA5 users can now create and send custom, signable PDFs right from their software. Fully integrated with SA5, you can create estimates, proposals, contracts and more in the Form Manager, then easily add customer-specific information. Your entire team can have visibility into all outstanding forms and quickly take action – editing, completing, downloading, emailing, sending or re-sending notifications.

ServiceBot for Field Service Companies

servicebot dashboard

This year, Lawnbot became ServiceBot, with expanded categories designed for a wider range of field service businesses. ServiceBot is the AI-enabled sales chatbot that guides visitors through the sales process, asking them the right questions, providing accurate estimates and even overcoming common sales objections. It’s like having another customer service rep that never sleeps or takes a day off!

Automated Marketing Assistant 2.0

AMA 2.0 (Slide 24)

AMA 2.0 makes it easy to send out the customized communications you need with friendly, informative (and most importantly – EFFECTIVE) auto-generated emails. Because it’s fully integrated with Service Assistant 5 and Customer Assistant Websites, clients who use AMA say that they can manage almost 10% more customers, without having to hire additional staff.

We’ve got even more on the horizon for 2023. Stay tuned to see what we have in store!


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