Truck Assistant™ - Get peace of mind and save for less than $1/day!

Business revenue may fluctuate due to the weather, seasonality and customer demand. Those things can’t be controlled. Here’s something that can – your vehicles.

Real-time truck data to monitor schedules, fuel, drivers and more

Truck Assistant for live fleet management

Vehicles are a service company’s livelihood. Knowing what’s happening to these valuable assets while they’re on the road and out of sight is invaluable. With Truck Assistant, all vehicle knowledge and data are at your fingertips.

Know your costs

Data is power and Truck Assistant is the real-time vehicle management solution that empowers you to contain costs associated with:

Fuel consumption

Shorten idle times, see and correct aggressive driving, prevent unauthorized vehicle use and tighten routes to reduce the fleet’s trip to the pump.


Shorten drive time and monitor length of stops to complete more work in less time.

Fleet maintenance

Automated maintenance reminders help reduce unexpected repairs, minimize vehicle downtime and prolong vehicle lifecycles.

Monitor Each Truck and Tech

Truck Assistant allows owners and managers to monitor each vehicle’s fuel costs and maintenance schedule as well as technician driving behavior while in the field. This one-of-a-kind app allows users to track and correct aggressive technician driving, monitor scheduled and unscheduled stops as well as when a vehicle is used for personal travel. Auto-alerts notify when scheduled maintenance is due and more. Seeing vehicles on a map is great, but being able to also see how they’re being treated on the road is even better.

Monitor technician truck behavior

When drivers know about Truck Assistant, they are less likely to engage in unauthorized “side jobs” or use company vehicles for personal business. They are less inclined to engage in risky behavior behind the wheel, such as speeding, fast acceleration, hard braking, and unnecessary idling.

Hold drivers accountable

Make sure drivers are in the right location at the right time – every time. With Truck Assistant, see every diver’s location and duration at each stop. Show customers proof of service when asked and drastically reduce the need for return trips due to incomplete production.

Features of Truck Assistant

Anytime, anywhere access from any web-enabled device.  Use a smart phone, tablet or iPad to monitor vehicles. Truck Assistant stores collected data and provides on-screen summaries. Truck Assistant offers unique features to monitor techs and trucks:

  • Driver behavior
  • Miles traveled per day
  • Starting and ending fuel level
  • Average miles per gallon
  • Vehicle’s first and last movement
  • Maximum speed for the day
  • Service maintenance due

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