Online customer account software to help manage your business

Reduce calls from current customers

CAW puts information on monthly billing, service history, the next scheduled appointment date, and the ability to request additional services right at customers’ fingertips. CAW integrates seamlessly with Service Assistant® and syncs daily to keep the system up to date. If any changes occur to the customer’s account, count on CAW to reflect the most recent account status.

With immediate access to pertinent account information available to customers, reduce call volume from your current customer base. This allows customer service representatives to spend more time servicing new leads and growing the business.

Streamline your accounts receivables process

How much time and effort does your team put into routine billing and following up with customers on late payments? Without an automated billing system, staying on top of pending receivables can take far too long.

CAW allows customers to pay online and set up auto-pay to schedule payments so you always collect on time. For those clients who aren’t on auto-pay, past due notices will automatically pop up when the user logs in to their account.

Upsell and cross-sell your current customers

Take the opportunity to tap into your existing customer base and increase sales across services. CAW allows you to serve specific offers to different customer segments. The tool allows you to upsell and cross sell to customers who are already familiar with your services and with whom you have built a relationship. It's an essential tool for lawn care, landscape and pest control.

Customer Assistant® Website features

With CAW, customers can:

  • Make secure online payments
  • Set up Auto Pay for scheduled payments
  • Purchase additional services
  • Request estimates and service calls
  • View payment & service history
  • Refer friends and neighbors
  • Get maintenance tips

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