Manage field technicians and more using the Mobile Live™ app

Instantly know the location of techs in the field

Need to assign an emergency service call or locate a specific truck? Use Mobile Live™ to track the exact location of vehicles and field technicians. It’s real-time, instant knowledge of where your fleet is on the road.

Increase productivity and efficiency

Easily manage a variety of factors to increase productivity of technicians and others. With Mobile Live™, track problem areas, monitor weather conditions, document inventory and more. Provide valuable customer feedback to keep them satisfied and develop brand loyalty.

Say goodbye to data entry

Stop entering data and start focusing on business growth. With Mobile Live™, technicians are able to enter specific data while in the field that automatically updates into your system. No more manual data entry at the end of the day! This saves precious time and eliminates duplication of data.

Hold employees accountable

Reduce errors, eliminate excessive material waste and hold technicians accountable for product use.  With Mobile Live™, ensure that the correct amount of a product is being used for each job.

Upsell in the field and on the spot

Can your technician sell services?  One way to help increase revenue is to upsell to a customer during a service call.  Use Mobile Live™ to provide instant estimates and apply discounts for new services or entire programs.  Increase both customer satisfaction and income!

Promote and sell to potential customers

Use Mobile Live™ to promote and sell special offers to both customers and potentials on the company website and with direct mail.

Mobile Live™ features

Real-time information is one of the best ways to save time and money. From increasing productivity to decreasing missed sales, Mobile Live™ boasts a variety of features to help your business grow that include the ability to:

  • Update routes in real-time
  • Optimize in-truck routes
  • Collect valuable information
  • Document conditions and record weather information
  • Communicate with customers
  • Provide on-site receipts 
  • Have live truck dispatching and tracking
  • Create instant estimates with photos
  • Apply discounts and add new services instantly 
  • Voice turn-by-turn GPS navigation
  • Customer geocoding
  • Voice-activated text entry

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