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You have questions; we have answers. How is Real Green working to better field service industry businesses? What tips can help grow a lawn care, landscape, or pest control business? Find out here! Welcome to Real Green Systems’ blog, where you’ll get the answers that make the difference.

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Key to Culture of Success

8 Keys to Building a Culture of Success

Businesses thrive and grow when their culture is centered around behaviors that lead to success such as positive synergy, self-motivated professional improvements by staff and individual and team achievements acknowledged and celebrated by leaders

Are QR Codes Dead?

Just a few years ago QR codes were everywhere – and on everything. Those little pixelated squares appeared on packaging, billboards, flyers, ads – even some articles included them.

Real Green Marketing Seminar Presentations

Mission Mobile Marketing is just one of the many events hosted by Real Green Systems each year. Some of the presentations are listed below. View or download the PDFs to get an idea of what you can learn at one of our Real Green Systems events!

Making the Move to Real Green Systems

A short year and three months ago, Brandon Walsh, owner of Village Green Fertilizing & Weed Control joined the Real Green Systems family. Check out the video, or read on to learn more about how Brandon’s business changed once he made the decision to go with Real Green’s lawn care software.

Grow your lawn care business through automation

Running a small business is no walk in the park. When that small business is a lawn care company, you have a whole separate set of obstacles on top of standard business operations. You have to think about how to retain and train employees, maximize the efficiency of your routes, provide accurate quotes in a timely manner, and the list goes on and on… So how can you possibly grow your business when you’re so focused on the day-to-day activities? The solution starts with automation.