Get Ready! - Marketing Readiness and Growth Seminar Series

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November 28, 2018 to January 24, 2019
Real Green's Marketing Experts - Check for availability in a city near you.

Get Ready! Get Set! GO!

  1. Is your marketing strategy ready?
  2. Are your processes and procedures ready?
  3. Is your sales staff ready?
  4. Is your field staff ready?
  5. Most importantly, are you ready?

We've helped thousands of companies answer "YES!" to each of these questions for over 11 years. 

Get Ready will help you plan your marketing strategies, refine your sales processes, prep your staff and ensure you have the tools in place to dominate your market.

Learn about:

  1. Door-2-Door Marketing
  2. 1-Step Sales®
  3. Creating Rich Route Density
  4. IP Target Marketing
  5. Digital New Homeowner Promotions
  6. How to raise prices without alienating your customers
  7. Branding or Rebranding
  8. And more!

Cost to attend: $0.
Cost of not attending: $$$$

Get Ready is the first step to a successful 2019. Join Real Green Systems during one of the events listed below! Select your convenient location and date to register.

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The daylong event is free and includes lunch.

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    November 28, 2018: Chicago, IL

    November 29, 2018: Denver, CO

    December 4, 2018: Atlanta, GA

    December 5, 2018: Raleigh, NC

    December 11, 2018: Philadelphia, PA

    December 12, 2018: Baltimore, MD

    December 18, 2018: Cleveland, OH

    December 19, 2018: Indianapolis, IN

    January 23, 2019: Toronto, ON

    January 24, 2019: Detroit, MI

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