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Effectively interact and communicate with customers

In this digital age, communication can come in many forms. From customer to customer, contact preferences may be as different as night and day. Whether it’s by phone, text or email, use one tool to connect with the customer the way they choose to interact with your business.

Connect with customers on multiple devices with one tool

automated engagement

Promote your special offers with in-store customer marketing and in-store video marketing

Point of sale marketing is a great way to increase average spends. Use our video marketing program to remotely update in-store videos in real time. It’s also great for staff training.

Text and track specific offers to customers

Text messages have a 96% open rate. Easily text and track single-use coupons to prospects and customers. It’s fast, easy and it works!
mobile notification
mobile wallet

Allow customers to redeem coupons and track rewards with Mobile Virtual Wallet

Mobile phones have changed the way consumers purchase. Our Mobile Virtual Wallet gives them a personalized tool to organize their available coupons and track their rewards points.

Create custom automated communications and behavior-based marketing campaigns

social network

The telephone is the lifeline of most businesses. Our interactive telephone technology ensures you’re optimizing sales opportunities and educating your customers. It sends web links, delivers text messages, distributes coupons, records conversations and signs up prospects into your rewards program.

Deliver messages, offers and reminders to your customers based on their interaction (or non-interaction) with your business. Imagine sending an automated offer to customers who haven’t visited your business in 6, 12 or 18 months.