List Services – smart, accurate and reliable

Don’t waste time and money sending collateral to inaccurate addresses. Get the best chance of success! Use RealGreen’ List Services. We have partnered with several of the top list providers in the country to supply the most up-to-date, accurate lists available.

The most up-to-date marketing lists available

Improve the success of each campaign

With RealGreen’s List Services, get the most up-to-date information and marketing lists. We’ll process and provide the data with minimal work on your part. Just continually update and manage your current customer data to provide the best chance of success for each campaign.<

Save money with new marketing lists

RealGreen believes that marketing data is only as good as the last time it’s updated. Don’t waste marketing dollars by mailing from an outdated list. With updated lists and information, reach more potential customers and make each marketing campaign successful.