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RealGreen’s Service Assistant® software streamlines and automates your company’s day-to-day tasks and marketing activities, helping you grow your business with the staff you have.

Software that works as hard as you do

Service Assistant is a customer relationship management (CRM) software that streamlines your company’s day-to-day tasks and marketing activities by maintaining customer records, automating daily operations and marketing campaigns, and scheduling routes for technicians, all within an accessible app. Available on any device at any time, Service Assistant® is the leading software solution for the green industry.



Getting the most out of software can be a tricky proposition. That’s why RealGreen provides a dedicated team of support specialists with Service Assistant to help guide you along the way.


Safe, secure and reliable data management

We know how valuable your company’s and customers’ information is to the success of your business. Our cloud-based storage is not only safe and secure, it is a reliable way to have quick and easy access to whatever information you need, wherever you are.


Responsive Technical Support

From on-site installations to one of the most helpful technical support teams in the industry, RealGreen keeps Service Assistant working the way your business needs it to work.

Manage An Average of 20% More Customers with RealGreen

Add an Average of 4 More Jobs/Day with RealGreen

RealGreen’ customers reported 7% new customer growth

Service Assistant is lawn software that always shows up to work.

The only all-in-one solution designed by green experts, for the green industry.

Measurement Assistant®

Measurement Assistant

Use our estimation software solution to provide quotes to customers in seconds, without ever visiting their property! Measurement Assistant allows you to precisely measure any property from anywhere at any time in any weather – with just a few clicks of your mouse. Close more sales with quick, accurate estimates.


Routing Assistant™

Routing Assistant

Maximize each technician’s time on the road. Our easy-to-use, proprietary scheduling and routing software allows users to schedule the most efficient routes. With Routing Assistant, spend less time mapping and scheduling routes and have additional time to gain more customers!


Mobile Live®

Mobile Live®

Mobile Live is the real-time, iOS- and Android-based service business app that puts your entire business in the palm of your hand. See everything happening in the field with truck tracking, route optimization and more. Increase your ability to make informed decisions at a moment’s notice and save time and money.


 Customer Assistant® Website

Customer Assistant® Website

Offer convenient online account access to customers. Our Customer Assistant Website (CAW) allows customers to pay online, prepay and order additional services without calling your office. It’s just one way RealGreen keeps your office open 24/7.


Automated Marketing Assistant®

Automated Marketing Assistant®

AMA is a true set-it-and-forget-it tool! Send targeted, effective, customizable and auto-generated emails with our automated marketing software. Easily promote your business without lifting a finger – send newsletters, upsell emails, promotions and more. AMA guides you through building successful communication programs with minimal effort, so you can focus on sales and service.


RealGreen Payment Processing™

Payment Processing

Are payment processing fees a puzzle? Let WorkWave Payment Processing put the pieces in place. Our payment processing software is an integrated merchant account that makes it easy to collect one-time payments or set up auto-pay and installments directly from Service Assistant. Get a free fee analysis and see how your company can save time and money.


Lawnbot icon


ServiceBot makes ecommerce easy for your lawn care business with an AI-enabled, customer-facing chatbot that lives on your website. Completely branded to your company, it meets customers where they are, when they’re ready to buy, and guides them all the way through closing the sale.


 Referral Assistant™

Referral Assistant™

Let them spread the word! Referral Assistant™ allows your satisfied customers to promote your service and rewards them for their referrals.


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Why choose Service Assistant?

Detailed Customer Information

Quickly view customer information anytime, anywhere

Whether you want to access something as granular as the weather during the last time of service, or something general like how long they have been your customer, Service Assistant has the answer. With the call log feature, reference notes from previous calls or set follow-up reminders for a future date!

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Customer Notifications

Save time – enter production data in the field

Can’t get to the office? No worries…if you have our CRM software. Use Service Assistant to enter production while in the field. With our unique, hosted app, technicians can access work orders and enter production directly from an Apple or Android device. You can adjust customer accounts or even enter payments right from your vehicle using a mobile device.

Easy Scheduling and Routing

Schedule same day service

Service Assistant is the field service business software that allows technicians to provide customers with “same day” service plus the ability to add additional services – on the spot! Also add new customers to an existing route – instantly. With turn-by-turn voice navigation, technicians will stay on route and on time.

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Payment Processing

Access quotes, billing and invoicing with one click of a button

Calculating the cost of service based on square footage, grouping properties based on owner, and generating statements at the end of the month – it’s all made easy with Service Assistant. You can even automate payment reminders based on the billing period. Just think of all the time your team could save!

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Software for Your Industry

lawn care

Lawn Care

Save time, save money and grow with our lawn care software


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Lawn Maintenance

Streamline and improve the day-to-day operations of your lawn maintenance business




Manage every aspect of your landscaping business with one software solution


arbor care

Arbor Care

Arbor care software that trims costs and clears the way for growth


pest control

Pest Control

The pest control software you need to efficiently run your business


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What Clients Are Saying About Us

The more we use and become familiar with this lawn care software the greater the capabilities become apparent. We especially like that we set the parameters to fit our particular needs and so it is tailor-made to our business. 

Anonymous Sender

Perm-O-Green Lawn

BTW, love the new Routing Assistant!!! MUCH faster, it’s great!!”

Jaimie Madsen

One Step Tree and Lawncare

I knew RealGreen was the right move for Joshua Tree. This is a company that’s moving in the right direction. They have a lot of experience behind them. They are continually adding services and products to their software. This is a team I want to be a part of.

Joshua Malik

Joshua Tree

Frequently Asked Questions

New to RealGreen or just looking for more info? Check out our frequently asked questions as a quick guide through our green industry software solutions and their many features.

Is RealGreen software compatible with Mac computers?

Our Service Assistant® 5 fully integrates with PC and Mac and can be accessed on any Android or iOS device.

Is my Service Assistant password the same as my sign on password?

Yes, the Service Assistant® password is the same password used to sign on.

Do all computers need to be users in the active directory for them to be able to use Service Assistant?

Yes.  To use Service Assistant® on multiple computers, they must all be registered as users in the active directory.