Why Real Green?

We’re more than a vendor service. We’re your partner.

Ever hire a new vendor, place an abundant amount of time and resources into their product or service only to find out that what they sold you didn’t work the way they said it did? Even worse, their support team didn’t provide any “REAL” support. What a terrible experience.

With Real Green Systems, you’ll get the Real Green experience. We don’t see you as just another customer. You’re our service industry partner and we’ll treat you as such. When you succeed, we succeed. When your business grows, so does ours. Let Real Green’s products and services help manage day-to-day business, client appointment scheduling, technician routing, billing and more so the company can become more efficient and grow with greater ease.

We Believe in Excellence

Like your company, our mission is to achieve success. We believe that success is achieved through the pursuit of excellence in customer and employee relations. We keep “a finger on the pulse” of our company by staying tuned in with the status of your company and the well-being of our Real Green family of employees. We strive to exceed expectations by providing exceptional products and services that are innovative, affordable and meets the needs of our service industry partners.

We’re more than software. We’re all-inclusive products and services.

Real Green Systems provides more than just software. We offer all-inclusive solutions to manage a business, build a brand and promote it, acquire new customers and develop ongoing relationships to build loyalty to your company. Whether your business is installing air conditioners and furnaces, spraying termite and rodent control or providing some other type of service, it will thrive using our extensive business management and marketing solutions.

Service Assistant

Real Green Systems is the producer of Service Assistant®, the number one business software and marketing tool that is specifically designed for service companies. The Service Assistant app is a customer relationship management (CRM) software that can streamline day-to-day tasks and improve customer interaction and retention by analyzing and utilizing customer data. It is accessible from your home, vehicle or office with seamless 24/7 access. It works on any platform – from Apple to Windows.

With Service Assistant, create custom, detailed reports, keep track of account changes, track employee hours, print work orders, manage contacts with clients, schedule appointments and even archive documents.

Robust In-field and Office Apps

If your company relies on staff to visit work sites or technicians to make service calls, then our software is the must-have tool. Real Green apps provide accurate site measurements for estimates, map technician routes with turn-by-turn directions for maximum efficiency, offer truck tracking to effectively maintain your fleet, use in-filed mobile technology to upsell to the client and eliminate office data entry. Real Green also has solutions for customers to refer your business and make online hassle-free payments. It’s perfect for lawn care, landscaping, pest control, HVAC and plumbing, septic maintenance, roofing and construction, carpet and residential cleaning, and so many more service industry companies.

Automated Marketing, Design and Custom Print

Real Green even offers software and services to develop a brand that resonates with customers in your primary and secondary markets and helps to promote it. Real Green will give you a new perspective and make you re-think how to manage, work and engage your prospectives and clients. Using our automated marketing tool will take the aggravation out of customer emails and prepay and follow-up letters. With just a few clicks, acquire new customers with our affordable list and design services, direct mail and custom printing. We can even print company business cards and forms.

Digital and Web Services

Need to enter the digital world? Our digital services team can help you take charge with its Command Center, an all-in-one platform that offers the ability to promote your business using real time data and the flexibility to choose the functions that are right for you. The app can send messages to clients regarding service calls, post to multiple social media sites with just a few clicks, send automated email promotional blasts, create customer loyalty and referral programs, monitor phone calls and reputation websites, update website, and order direct mail. It also grants and prohibits access to specific functions based on user roles, which allows business owners and managers to grant different functions to different employees.

Our digital services team can also provide a local website to reach prospectives, manage web analytics and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and create or optimize content for search engine optimization (SEO).

Your Own Customer Portal

Need to reduce routine billing and calls to your office? Then, you need access to our Customer Assistant™ Website (CAW)! Real Green offers your customers access to their own account profile where they can view their history, make secure online payments, set up an automatic payment schedule, request and purchase additional services, and even refer more customers to you.

We’re more than customer service. We’re your go-to expert team.

Good customer service is a given concept for any business. Real Green goes beyond the ideal customer service. Since you’re our partner, we want to treat you like we would our own family or coworker. We want you to feel comfortable enough to give us a call when you have questions or a concern.

Expert Consultants and Free Product Demonstrations

Our consultants are experts in computers and technology, sales and marketing and service industry management. Most of them have been in the service industry for a number of years, working in landscaping companies, lawn treatment, pest extermination and others. They have become the authorities in small business management and software functionality. If you are interested in learning more about one of our products and services, any one of our expert consultants can walk you through a demonstration from the comfort of your desk and right on your own computer screen.

Access to a Live Help Desk based in Michigan!

Need on the spot assistance? We have that! Representatives from our tech support team can walk you through any problem that may arise. We have more than 24 support representatives to assist you. It’s like having access to your own personal team of techies.

Our support technicians have trained many companies on software integration and delivered day-to-day assistance and solutions to software users. They often act as liaisons, helping companies with product implementation and integration.

Video Tutorials and Resources

We want you to feel comfortable with our products and services. That’s why we offer free access to a client web portal with links to PDF resources, video tutorials and help files, question and answer section and additional resources.

With a monthly subscription to our Service Academy, gain access to unlimited live and digitally recorded webinars.

Additional client portal resources:

  • Real Green News and Announcements
  • Service Assistant Help
  • Customer Assistant Help
  • Request Support
  • Request a Feature
  • Remote-in Desktop Customer Support
  • Marketing Tools and Templates

Learning Opportunities and Users Conference

Every year, Real Green offers its clients a chance to learn more. Our leaders embark on our national marketing tour, Free Marketing Seminars, each fall to help thousands of business owners grow their market share.  We invite our clients during the summer to visit our newly renovated training center to Strike Marketing Gold, a series of one-on-one sessions with marketing experts in the areas of mobile, local and inbound marketing as well as automated communications and targeted direct mail. This event is designed to help establish an actionable marketing plan for your business.

For our annual users conference, we invite clients during the cold of winter to join us in the warmth of Orlando, Florida to find Solutions, a week of hourly training sessions to become expert users of all of our products and services. Clients also get the added benefit of socializing with other industry leaders and hearing nationally recognized speakers.