Pest control software to schedule, quote, route and more

What is pest control software?

Pest control software is exactly what you might think it is.  It’s software used to manage and grow a pest control business. Which software is best to manage a pest control business? It’s Service Assistant by Real Green. Both critter control and insect sprayers use it to operate, organize and grow. It’s used by mosquito sprayers, rodent and termite exterminators and other types of pest control services.

Most business management programs integrate with a customer relationship management software. Real Green Systems’  Service Assistant® goes beyond the CRM function. It can schedule, manage work orders, quote, route, track trucks and collect payment for your business. It’s designed to work the way technicians do. This software solution with improve your overall customer service. See a personalized  free live demo.P

Pest software with easy scheduling and instant access to all business info

Ever gone to extreme lengths to get access to the simplest information? Well, those days are over with Service Assistant. Pest control businesses can access employee schedules, list of clients, invoices and more with ease. Techs can easily communicate with scheduling dispatch while in the field and even view and edit client information in real time or with the mobile app. Even access receivables and more while on the go and on any device.

This time-saving business software lets managers stay organized and keep on track. Best of all, our service software can be customized to work the way you do. Our goal is to save your pest business as much time and money as possible. We do that by making our pest control software fit your business needs. This pest control CRM is designed to grow your business and help you to become more successful.

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Manages expenditures, collects payments and increases profits

Real Green understands the dilemma of most local pest control companies. They want to grow the business, but are under pressure to keep costs contained. Well, fret no more! Service Assistant is designed to do just that. Track expenses per job, analyze and eliminate where you can. It’s software for pest control service that’s tailor-made to fit your business that means you can efficiently manage the business and start raking in profits.

Use our pest control software to stay organized, track costs and purge unnecessary expenses. Want to promote a specific service during a slow season? Add in a promotional offer, sale price or even change rates on the fly. Post an invoice and collect instant payments with a web-based customer portal. This pest control software has it all. Use it to improve cash flow and grow your business. Thinking about adding competitive services like lawn or landscape? Make it a reality with Service Assistant.

It can do more than just save money. Our pest control software was built with more than 60 different utilities. It has tools that help correct problems, standardize data and much more. It also has modules to track truck maintenance and driver safety. It’s a pest control software that runs all aspects of your business operations.

Our pest control software can even turn a lead into a sale for your business. With Referral Assistant®, you can encourage clients to promote your business. Reward them with discounts and special offers for referrals to family and friends. Add Automated Marketing Assistant® and watch your market share increase. Track campaigns, analyze and repeat what works.


Get full control of technician routes - quick and easy

Once a lead is turned into a sale, save time with our routing software. It’s an interactive route and schedule program that’s so easy to use. Our pest control software can assign admin roles based on business functions. With Routing Assistant, owners, managers and even technicians can plan routes. Select addresses and see all tech stops in order on a map within minutes.  It has a visual route designer that integrates with Service Assistant. Want to get techs on the road quicker and squeeze in more daily spray jobs? Then, you need Routing Assistant with GPS vehicle tracking. Don’t waste valuable time mapping routes. Use a pest control software that maximizes your time with clients. Optimize routes by address and let techs get on the road within a few minutes. It’s so efficient that you’ll even save money on fuel costs. Use it with Mobile Live® to keep track of trucks and staff on the road.
It features:
  • Exclusive smart-map technology by ALK maps
  • Printable maps and turn-by-turn driving directions
  • Report visualization on maps
  • Drag and drop route planning
  • Use with active and marketing data
  • User defined routes and territories
  • Laser-sited geo-coding
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Create lightning fast pest control quotes for commerical and residential

Turning a lead from the field into a sale is an important part of sales. Having the capability to upsell on the spot can help grow the business. Purchase the pest control software that was designed to rapidly grow your business. Our estimating software provides fast and accurate estimates. Measurement Assistant® allows pest techs to give the best price and set the service. Using an aerial map, just move, delete, and reshape measurement areas. That’s it! The software will calculate a price based on the property and service. Then, save the info for future sales and marketing opportunities.

You can even use it to measure properties without being on location. No need to worry about rain or snow negatively affecting your business. You can create estimates in any weather condition from in the office.

Within seconds, you can create fast estimates for the following services:

  • General pest control
  • Termite control treatments
  • Bedbug extermination
  • Rodent and critter removal
  • Flea and tick spray
  • Mosquito lawn control
  • Residential and commercial services


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Get onsite software training and helpful tech support

Don’t buy a pest control software that doesn’t support your business. An investment in Real Green is the smart choice. We’re more than just another service company. We’re your reliable partner and professional resource. We team up with you to ensure your business succeeds and grows based on business goals.

After purchase, we work with you to teach the ins and outs of the software. We also have a full staff of technical support at our office in Walled Lake. They are available to guide you just in case you need it.

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Everything needed to run a successful field service business

We get it — sometimes more than just one tool is needed to simplify work.  With Real Green Systems, benefit from a full suite of business solutions conveniently housed in one place.  Explore tools that can be added to the CRM Software and increase profit.