Pest Control Software to Schedule, Quote, Route and More

The Best Pest Control Software to Grow Your Business

What’s the best pest control business software?
Service Assistant by Real Green is the best pest control software in the industry. Critter control and insect sprayers can use it to operate, organize and grow. Service Assistant works for mosquito sprayers, rodent and termite exterminators and every other type of pest control service.

Service Assistant helps you with every aspect of your business: Scheduling, routing, estimates and quotes, tracking, marketing, payments and more. It’s designed to work the way your technicians do. With Service Assistant, your pest control business will run smarter, faster and more efficiently – and your customers will be happier, too.

Service Assistant: Pest control software with instant, easy access to your entire business

Focus on your clients, not your software

Service Assistant makes it simple to run your pest control business from anywhere on any device. This all-inclusive, totally customizable software will make managing your business simpler…and growing your business easier. Save time, save money and serve more pest control clients with Service Assistant.

Our pest control business software lets you:

  • Easily route, track and manage your techs out in the field
  • See complete customer information in seconds
  • Invoice and accept payment on the go
  • Deliver fast, accurate estimates
  • Communicate with your team and your customers
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Manage spending, cash flow and customer contact – all in one tool

Service Assistant makes it easy to stay organized, track costs and maximize profits. You can easily track and analyze per-job expenses – and see where you can cut back without affecting customer service. Transform your slow season to busy season by offering special promotions, sales and rates. Use the Customer Assistant Website to post invoices and collect payments. Use Referral Assistant® to turn your customers into salespeople, rewarding them with special offers for friends, family and neighbors. Add Automated Marketing Assistant®  and watch your market share increase when you send automatic, targeted marketing messages to your customers. Want to add additional services like lawn or landscaping? It’s easy with Service Assistant.

With more than 60 different utilities, our pest control software will do more than just save you money. It will help you solve problems, standardize processes and streamline your entire operation.

Payment Processing and Custom Invoicing In One Streamlined Package

Real Green’s pest control management software includes easy-to-use tools for invoicing and payments. Secure and PCI-compliant, Real Green Payment Processing streamlines your billing process, seamlessly integrating with Service Assistant to quickly and safely accept online payments. Pest control technicians can enter production information, access work orders, invoice and accept payments while still on-site. Improve your cash flow, significantly reduce late payments and eliminate waste with our integrated payment processing solutions.

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Routing Assistant: Optimize and Gain Control of your Routes — Fast

Save time, save money, save energy with the best pest control tech routes

Routing Assistant integrates with Service Assistant to let you plan, change and optimize your pest control business routes and schedules. Owners, managers and techs can all plan routes – just select addresses and see all stops on the interactive map within minutes. Get more techs on the road and fit in more application jobs every day…no more time wasted mapping routes manually. Use it with Mobile Live to track your trucks and staff on the road.

Routing Assistant features:

  • Exclusive smart-map technology
  • Turn-by-turn directions and printable maps
  • Report visualization
  • Drag and drop route planning
  • User-defined routes and territories
  • Laser-sited geo-coding

Measurement Assistant: Lightning-fast pest control quotes for commercial and residential

It’s as simple as click, click sell with Measurement Assistant

With Measurement Assistant, you can create and send accurate estimates and quotes – any time, from anywhere, in any weather, without even having to visit the property. Just find the property on an aerial map, then use your mouse to shape the measurement area. That’s it! Measurement Assistant will calculate a price based on your service and the property. And it will save everything for future sales and marketing opportunities.


Within seconds, you can create fast estimates for the following services:

  • Pest control
  • Termite control
  • Rodent and critter removal
  • Flea and tick spray
  • Mosquito lawn control
  • Residential and commercial properties
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Get personalized software training and helpful tech support

Your pest control software should support your business. When you invest in Real Green, you’ll see that we’re more than just another service company. We’re your reliable partner. We’ll team up with you to make sure your business grows and succeeds.

We’ll work directly with you and your staff to help you learn the ins and outs of our software. Our full-time tech support staff, based in Walled Lake, Michigan, are always available to help you whenever you need it – whether you have specific questions or just need a tune-up.

Automate Your Day-to-Day Business Processes

Service Assistant helps you save time and money by streamlining and automating the time-consuming day-to-day tasks of running a pest control business – from anywhere, on any device. Instantly reference customer information; handle scheduling and routing; send marketing communications; create fast, accurate estimates; manage billing and payment acceptance; and so much more. Because it’s designed to work the way you do, Service Assistant helps solve the problems you need it to solve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is pest control software?

Service Assistant pest control software is a customer relationship management software that makes running the day-to-day operations of your pest control business easier by streamlining and automating everyday business and marketing tasks.

Does Service Assistant pest control software work on mobile devices such as iPads?

Service Assistant pest control software works on any web-enabled device. It can be used on iPads or other tablets, laptop or desktop computers, and smartphones.