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The Best Software to Run and Grow Your Lawn Care Business

Lawn Care Software 

Real Green Systems software is the solution you need to effectively manage every aspect of your lawn care business. Let our software handle the day-to-day tasks of business operations, marketing, billing and more – so you can spend more time doing what you do best: Running and growing your business. Our lawn care business software will help you save time, save money and build your success.

Service Assistant: Your Business on Your Time

Service Assistant Lets You Focus on Client Satisfaction, Not Software

Real Green Systems understands what lawn care companies need, because that’s how we started. That’s why our founder Joe Kucik created Service Assistant – our all-inclusive lawn care business software designed to make managing your business easier. We know what it takes to be successful.

With Service Assistant, you can stop worrying about time-consuming, day-to-day tasks and focus on:
• Giving customers the best lawn care
• Tree and shrub care
• Lawn fertilization
• Pest control
• Landscaping services
• Providing excellent customer satisfaction

real green service assistant

Access your most crucial information when and where you need it

Service Assistant makes it simple to access everything you need to seamlessly manage your company’s workflow, even while in the field: Staff schedules, client information, call log data, invoices and more. It’s all right at your fingertips, 24/7, whenever and wherever you need it.

Service Assistant is designed to work the way you do, to help you save time, energy and money.

Grow your business with built-in marketing features

Service Assistant is more than just Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. It’s the ultimate growth software. Starting with the first call, our all-in-one marketing solutions will help you expand in your local market. With automated marketing, print, mail and social media functions, our software will help you manage it all…easily and seamlessly.

routing assistant

Routing Assistant: Faster, smarter, better routing

Optimize routes with the app that saves time, fuel, and money

Routing Assistant integrates with Service Assistant to allow you to easily schedule the most efficient routes for your entire fleet. Customize routes by highlighting key information: new customers, past due customers, ASAP customers, customers who need extra care. Choose which days are best to perform services, and which days to avoid.

Drag and drop route planning makes it simple and fast, and smart map technology makes it accurate, down to turn-by-turn directions. Because it updates in real time, Routing Assistant helps keep your technicians on route and on schedule, even when unexpected roadblocks show up along the way. Use our lawn care software to improve driver production by squeezing in more stops every day. Save tech time, mileage, fuel, vehicle wear-and-tear, and money.

Measurement Assistant: Instant, Anytime Estimate without having to leave your desk

Software to create lawn estimates at any time, and from anywhere

Sending a fast, accurate estimate is crucial to landing a new customer. But you don’t want to waste time driving out to a property, taking measurements, and working up a free estimate for a lead that might never pan out. With Measurement Assistant, you can create a quote at any time and from any location…and in any weather. Give potential customers a price for service right when they call, not days or weeks later.

Measurement Assistant integrates with Service Assistant so all of your data is saved for later use – capture property images to send out personalized seasonal reminders, upsell offers or other messages.

measurement assistant

Lawn Care Business Software Features


Integrated Mobile Application


In-field invoicing & payments


Referral & lead management


Automated marketing & prepay letters


Easy estimates


Quick dispatch & routing


Fleet tracking & maintenance


Customer account access