Lawn software to run business and grow profits

Lawn Care Software for Field Service Businesses

Many lawn care business owners struggle to find time to get everything done. Staying on top of every aspect of a business can seem daunting. In some cases, it may appear nearly impossible. Well, not if you use Real Green’s lawn care software. Our software manages day-to-day operations, marketing and more. You’ll have time to get it all done each day with time to spare. Even fit in more lawn jobs per day. Get all the tools needed to successfully grow the business.

Focus on lawn care and client satisfaction, not business software

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Real Green Systems understands the needs of lawn care companies, both large and small. Founder Joe Kucik has owned five lawn care companies within the past 30 years. He knows what it takes to make them successful. That’s why he created Service Assistant®. It’s an all-inclusive software designed to make business management easier.

With our lawn software, focus on:

  • Giving customers the best turf
  • Tree and shrub care
  • Granular lawn fertilizer
  • Insect and disease spray
  • Landscaping
  • Other things that create customer satisfaction

Lawn care business software with instant access to your most crucial information

With Service Assistant, get access to all data to manage the workflow. Instantly access staff schedules, lawn care client info, invoices and more. Typically, this kind of data can be hard to access when in the field. But with Service Assistant, it’s available anytime and anywhere. Access your data 24/7 from a desktop or any mobile device. Our lawn care business software will save your business time, energy and money.

Want even better news? This service management software is completely customizable. Adjust functions to work the way you do. Our goal has always been to create software solutions that make work easier. Service Assistant is no exception.

Grow your business with built-in marketing features

Use this customer relationship management (CRM) software to grow. Start growing in your local market, starting with the initial customer call. And complete the job with invoicing, payment and receivables. Follow up with automated marketing, print, mail and social media. Use our all-in-one software to manage:

  • Customer records
  • Schedules
  • Dispatch needs
  • Personnel information
  • Complete history of events

Explore Service Assistant

An app to quickly schedule routes and minimize fuel costs

Resources can be an important aspect of running a successful business. So, using a software that saves both time and money is essential in lawn care. That’s where Routing Assistant® comes in. Don’t waste tech time manually scheduling routes. Use Routing Assistant, it optimizes routes and visually maps it in just a few minutes. With Routing Assistant, you’ll drastically improve daily operations. Drag and drop addresses to the scheduler for easy route plotting. Use it to quickly optimize routes for every estimate and service call. It will minimize fuel costs and maximize time with customers.

pest control routing software

Routing Assistant has exclusive smart-map technology from ALK maps. Use this interactive software to print maps with turn-by-turn driving directions. Or use it with Mobile Live for dynamic route updates and GPS commands. Don’t waste time on the road. Use our lawn care software to improve driver production by squeezing in more stops per day.


Software to create lawn estimates at any time, and from anywhere

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Lawn service leads are like gold. Before you convert a lead into a sale, an estimate needs to be given. Real Green knows just how crucial this step is in the sales process. Prices can make or break a sale. And most customers usually want a free estimate. But, who has time to drive to a site for a quote that might not become a sale? That’s where Measurement Assistant® comes in. It’s a web-based software that’s accessible 24/7. Staff can create a quote at any time and from any location. You can even use it from the office and without visiting a property. It’s instant gratification for the customer. Give them a price for service when they call, not days or weeks later. It provides accurate estimates from property images in mere seconds, even give estimates during bad weather conditions.

Put time to good use. Use a lawn care software that saves precious time on the road or in the office. Instead of making manual estimates, use a software that does it for you. Click. Click. Sold! It’s that easy. And the data integrates with Service Assistant for later use. Capture property images and save them in a document manager, then increase sales. Send out seasonal reminders, upsell offers or other messages.


Everything needed to run a successful field service business

We get it — sometimes more than just one tool is needed to simplify work.  With Real Green Systems, benefit from a full suite of business solutions conveniently housed in one place.  Explore tools that can be added to the CRM Software and increase profit.