Automate marketing and customer communication

Make customer communication as simple as possible with Automated Marketing Assistant®! Use this app to auto-generate client letters and emails. Use the mail feature for quick, convenient delivery – making life infinitely easier and saving valuable time and energy.

Save valuable time with our automated email software

Use this marketing software to get more customers at the right cost

Automated Marketing Assistant is amazing software that gets results. Watch this video testimonial from Solutions 2020 by current customer John Erbert, founder of Erbert Lawns in Colorado.

Easy, one-time setup with lasting results

This easy-to-use program only requires a quick, one-time setup in Automated Marketing Assistant and uses data synchronization between Service Assistant® and Customer Assistant® Website to make the process as seamless as possible! Get lasting results with a simple, quick set-up!

Auto-generated emails based on triggers

Say goodbye to manually sending emails one at a time! All emails and letters sent to customers are auto-generated and mailed based on triggers gathered from daily data input by production, office and sales teams – making life significantly easier.

An efficient way to contact customers

Emails are a fast, convenient way to communicate with customers. With Automated Marketing Assistant auto-emails, it’s even faster and cost-effective! Reach clients on mobile devices with pertinent information.

Multi-purpose emails

Use emails as a means of promotion to customers! There are many ways to maximize promotional efforts – introduce a referral program, promote Facebook and Twitter posts, share testimonials or even boost sales with a specific call to action.

Alert customers to conditions

Alert customers with After-Service Emails! Following the onsite visit, inform lawn care customers to conditions found during service – along with a link to more information on the subject and what can be done about it!

This easy-to-use program automatically processes information and helps to bridge the gap between intent and action with auto-generated emails and letters to your client base.

Features to make your life easier

Features of Automated Marketing Assistant include:

  • Email marketing options
  • Customer prepay options
  • Service and new order email customization
  • Custom alerts
  • Rejected email letters
  • Automated follow-ups