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Automate marketing and customer communication

Make customer communication as simple as possible with Automated Marketing Assistant®! Use this app to auto-generate client letters and emails. Use the mail feature for quick, convenient delivery – making life infinitely easier and saving valuable time and energy.

Save valuable time with our automated email software

Easy, one-time setup with lasting results

This easy-to-use program only requires a quick, one-time setup in Automated Marketing Assistant and uses data synchronization between Service Assistant® and Customer Assistant® Website to make the process as seamless as possible! Get lasting results with a simple, quick set-up!

Auto-generated emails based on triggers

Say goodbye to manually sending emails one at a time! All emails and letters sent to customers are auto-generated and mailed based on triggers gathered from daily data input by production, office and sales teams – making life significantly easier.

An efficient way to contact customers

Emails are a fast, convenient way to communicate with customers. With Automated Marketing Assistant auto-emails, it’s even faster and cost-effective! Reach clients on mobile devices with pertinent information.

Multi-purpose emails

Use emails as a means of promotion to customers! There are many ways to maximize promotional efforts – introduce a referral program, promote Facebook and Twitter posts, share testimonials or even boost sales with a specific call to action.

Alert customers to conditions

Alert customers with After-Service Emails! Following the onsite visit, inform lawn care customers to conditions found during service – along with a link to more information on the subject and what can be done about it!

This easy-to-use program automatically processes information and helps to bridge the gap between intent and action with auto-generated emails and letters to your client base.

Features to make your life easier

Features of Automated Marketing Assistant include:

  • Email marketing options
  • Customer prepay options
  • Service and new order email customization
  • Custom alerts
  • Rejected email letters
  • Automated follow-ups


Automated Marketing Assistant Testimonial from a Current Customer

Automated Marketing Assistant Testimonial, Solutions 2020, John Erbert, Erbert Lawns, Colorado