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The original. Built for the green industry, RealGreen’s Service Assistant streamlines your entire business – so you can do more and grow more.

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RealGreen has been a pioneer, one of the leaders and a lot of folks are going to try to knock them off and create versions of what RealGreen has done. I don't want a knockoff when the real product is out there.”

- Rob Palmer, President, Lawn Squad

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Waypoint Analytical

Waypoint Analytical offers soil testing integration for Service Assistant 5 users.

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What is lawn care CRM software?

Lawn care CRM (customer relationship management) software is a software system designed to help lawn care businesses manage and grow their operations. It allows businesses to manage and organize customer data, schedule and dispatch jobs, generate invoices and estimates, send automated emails and texts to customers, track key performance indicators, and access customer and job data from any device.

Lawn care CRM software can help lawn care businesses manage customer information, schedule appointments, and track invoices and payments. This can lead to increased efficiency and organization, allowing the business to serve more customers and grow revenue. Additionally, lawn care CRM software can help with marketing efforts by enabling targeted campaigns and tracking the effectiveness of those campaigns.

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