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The first product of its kind specifically designed for the green industry, Dynamic Routing automates your back office process and builds efficient routes that honor your business rules — in minutes.

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RealGreen has been a pioneer, one of the leaders and a lot of folks are going to try to knock them off and create versions of what RealGreen has done. I don't want a knockoff when the real product is out there.”

- Rob Palmer, President, Lawn Squad

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What is landscaping and lawn care routing software?

Landscaping and lawn care routing software is a specialized tool designed to streamline the operations of lawn care and landscaping businesses. It enables efficient route planning for service appointments, optimizing schedules to reduce travel time and costs. This type of software often includes features like GPS integration, client management, invoicing, and job tracking. By automating and optimizing these tasks, landscaping and lawn care professionals can enhance productivity, reduce overheads, and provide better service to their clients.

Dynamic Routing simplifies route planning by effortlessly addressing business complexities such as technician skills, licensing, availability, vehicle capacity, traffic patterns and managing multiple service lines. The proprietary algorithm allows you to configure constraints and stop priorities, generating smart routes within minutes. The system provides planners with the flexibility to fine-tune routes as needed, allowing for further optimization and customization based on specific requirements. Additionally, Dynamic Routing significantly reduces risks by ensuring that generated routes adhere to your business rules and configured constraints. This adaptability enhances overall route efficiency and compliance.

Route planning software is crucial for your green industry business. It saves money by optimizing routes, reduces travel time and enhances customer satisfaction. Efficient scheduling and resource allocation are simplified, reducing errors and boosting operational efficiency. In a competitive field like the green industry, this software is essential for profitability and top-notch customer service.

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