Real-time information with Mobile Live®

Mobile Live is the essential tool for any service business. Get access to real-time data to make better informed business decisions and save time and money. Easily stay on top of tasks and see what’s happening in the field right now.

Mobile software can improve in-field management and upsells; reduce cost

Anytime access to information -in the office or in-field

Mobile Live is a service business software that allows dynamic route updating and provides real-time vehicle tracking and time clock. It works on both Apple IOS and Android-based devices. With more than 9,000 active units currently in the field, it has become one of the hottest products offered by Real Green Systems. After an easy one-time download from the Mac App Store or Google Play, Mobile Live allows technicians to access their route each day from a smart phone in the order managers placed for them.

The app navigates a technician to the job location, then with one click on the client profile, provides the specific notes needed to perform the job and starts a timer. It also has a geocode feature that alerts them if they arrive at the wrong address. It’s the perfect tool to have on the road.

Instantly know the location of techs

Need to assign an emergency service call or locate a specific truck? Use Mobile Live to track the exact location of vehicles and field technicians. It’s real-time, instant knowledge of where your fleet is on the road.

Increase productivity and efficiency

Easily manage a variety of factors to increase productivity of technicians and others. With Mobile Live, rate properties and track problem areas, monitor weather conditions and wind speed, document inventory, customize job notes, use Google voice-to-text feature and more. Provide valuable customer feedback to keep them satisfied and develop brand loyalty.

Mobile Live can accept and process immediate payments

When Mobile Live is combined with Real Green Payment Processing™, technicians can instantly accept and process customer payments while in the field. With a few simple clicks, credit card information can be entered and submitted through the app similar to an online purchase. Powered by Advanced Bancard Solutions (ABS), payment processing is PCI compliant and can manage prepayments, one-time payments and even auto-pay and installments. Say goodbye to paper invoicing and late payments.

Sell more services and grow the business

Upsell in the field and on the spot

Want to give your technicians the ability to upsell on the spot? Then Mobile Live is for you. One way to help increase revenue is to upsell to a customer during a service call. Give technicians the tool to do this. With Mobile Live, they can access price charts in the field to provide instant estimates and apply discounts for new services or entire programs. It’s like having Service Assistant ®, the number one service business software, at their side while in the field.

If an upsell happens, the app will automatically update the customer record in Service Assistant back at the office and the tech can print a new invoice right from the truck. Increase customer and office staff satisfaction as well as company income.

Offer same day service or add potential customers in the field

Ever had a technician meet a potential customer in the field? Allow them to add a potential customer to your database with Mobile Live and provide an on the spot estimate or even provide instant or same day service and invoice. With just a few clicks in this all-inclusive app, techs can perform customer searches, add new customers, conditions, services or call ahead/call back notifications and even build estimates from established price charts. Techs will be able to apply discounts, take pictures and add images to accounts, link documents, check the production schedule and goals, review notes, run reports and more. The app also allows techs to print or email estimates to customers for potential future service.

Mobile software can reduce time and waste; save money

Say goodbye to traditional data entry

Stop entering data and start focusing on business growth. With Mobile Live, technicians are able to enter specific data while in the field that automatically updates into your system. No more manual data entry at the end of the day. This saves precious time and eliminates duplication of data.

Use mobile software to improve inventory tracking

Let Mobile Live keep track of inventory and save money. With Mobile Live, ensure that the correct amount of a product is being used for each job. By eliminating product estimates and errors from technicians, reduce excessive material waste and hold technicians accountable for product use. When added with Linxup, our truck tracking software partner, the app can offer additional features and save the company even more.

Promote and sell to customers and prospects

Use Mobile Live along with other products to auto-execute promotions and special offers to both customers and potentials. Through the use of Customer Assistant® Website (CAW) and Automated Marketing Assistant® documented condition codes in Mobile Live can automatically trigger web promotions and after-service or upsell emails and letters.

Software can enhance your marketing

Condition codes can enhance your marketing database as well as provide the ability to close a sale while still on site using upsell coupons. Collected information such as products applied, amount used, size of treated area, where product was used, method of application, application rate and specific conditions targeted can all be used to create customer-specific offers. Even information collected during a potential customer property evaluation can be used to create an incentive offer and direct mail. With Mobile Live, increase your sales and grow your customer base.

Mobile Live offers real-time data to monitor schedules, drivers, vehicles and more

Vehicles are a service company’s livelihood. Knowing what’s happening to these valuable assets while they’re on the road and out of sight is invaluable.

Fuel Consumption

Prevent unauthorized vehicle use and tighten routes to reduce the fleet’s trip to the pump.


Shorten drive time and monitor length to stops to complete more work in less time.

Monitor Each Truck and Tech

Mobile Live allows owners and managers to monitor each vehicle’s fuel cost as well while in the field. This one-of-a-kind app allows users to monitor scheduled and unscheduled stops as well as when a vehicle is used for personal travel.

Monitor Technician Truck Behavior

When drivers know about Mobile Live, they are less likely to engage in unauthorized “side jobs” or use company vehicles for personal business. They are less inclined to engage in risky behavior behind the wheel, such as speeding and unnecessary idling.

Mobile Live product features and benefits

Real-time information is one of the best ways to save time and money. From increasing productivity to decreasing missed sales, Mobile Live boasts a variety of features to help your business grow:

  • Update and optimize truck routes in real-time
  • Have live truck dispatching and tracking
  • Use geocoding and voice turn-by-turn GPS navigation
  • View work orders and assign new jobs in real-time
  • Modify individual production schedules on the fly
  • Access to technician in-field time clock and call log
  • Collect valuable customer information
  • Take photos of property conditions and document
  • Record weather information and other notes
  • Use voice-activated text entry
  • Instantly apply discounts
  • Add and upsell new services
  • Create instant estimates with photos
  • Hide or reveal specific prices to customers
  • Provide printed or emailed invoices and receipts 
  • Get day-end reporting from techs
  • Communicate sale messages with customers and potentials
  • Access to door-to-door and 1-step sales

Product Benefits

  • Offer same-day service with in-field estimates
  • Track truck speeds and plot them on a map
  • Decreased route costs by reducing miles driven
  • Manage your personnel more efficiently
  • Track vehicle locations and compare them to scheduled routes
  • Monitor application times
  • Dispatch services to your technicians in the field
  • Save money by increasing efficiency
  • Increase production
  • Reduce mileage, fuel and vehicle maintenance costs
  • Respond to service call requests with closest technician
  • Provide easy to read invoices with more detail and information
  • Increase upsell potential

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