Get credit card payments quickly and save money on fees

Real Green Payment Processing™ is an integrated merchant account. Manage one-time payments, auto-pay and installments directly from Service Assistant®.

Streamline invoicing and billing and eliminate late payments

Simplify Billing and Payments

Streamline the billing process with Real Green Payment Processing. Allow clients to pay-as-they-go, pre-pay, or have an auto-pay schedule.

Virtually eliminate late payments

With Real Green Payment Processing, reduce late payments and increase cash flow. If a client account is past due, a notice appears upon log in. This means more timely payments are received and more is cash on hand. With this software, watch the number of accounts on credit hold decrease. It even integrates with Service Assistant, Mobile Live ® and more.

Add additional convenience and security

Real Green Payment Processing safeguards online payments. The software is secure and PCI compliant. Give customers peace of mind. Let them know payments are made with software designed to protect personal info.

Save time, effort, and costs

With Real Green Payment Processing, reduce your office paper use. It eliminates the fuss of sending out monthly statements. Clients log in to read an easy-to-understand bill. Allowing clients to save time along with the ease of online payments. This portal even reduces needless calls from customers about accounts. It also increases online service purchases that might be missed in the field. It’s great for upselling lawn and pest services.

Increase your cash flow

Accounts always reflect the most recent payments and balances due. This ensures that your business receives payments on time and cash flow increases.

Real Green Payment Processing features

Features of Real Green Payment Processing that can help your business include:
  • Secure, PCI Compliant transactions
  • Integrated payment processing
  • Convenient online payment portal
  • Straightforward, competitive pricing
  • Transparent, easy to understand billing