Maximize your routes with Routing Assistant™

Tired of manually scheduling technician routes? Save time and money for the business by using Routing Assistant, a scheduling software to quickly plan and optimize routes. This innovative app helps minimize fuel and opportunity costs, making each truck in the fleet as efficient and profitable as possible.

Easy-to-use maps and route app - schedule more, reduce cost

Interactive app makes scheduling and route planning easy

Routing Assistant is our easy-to-use, proprietary scheduling and routing app that integrates with Service Assistant®. This interactive software allows users to schedule the most efficient routes to save both time and money. With convenient features such as a visual route designer and geocoding to convert addresses into map coordinates, drag and drop route planning and printable satellite maps and directions, Routing Assistant can optimize routes and increase production by making more stops per day, reduce fuel costs and improve “new driver” production. It’s the exclusive smart-map technology that’ll give your company the aggressive lead over the competitors.

Everything you need in one place

Customize routes to highlight information pertinent to each visit. Routing Assistant makes it easy to flag stops for new customers, past due customers, ASAP customers and customers that need extra care.

More time for customers

Quickly plan technician optimized routes for every estimate, job and service call with Routing Assistant. Free up hundreds of man-hours worth of manual route planning – allowing for more time with current and prospective customers.

Extra time for prospecting

Techs can conveniently drop off marketing materials to new prospects near current customer locations to maximize overall value of the route. Use extra time to plan out a productive day of marketing and block leading to generate new leads in less time.

Routing Assistant™ features

Routing Assistant™ has a variety of features that allows quick and easy weekly mapping out of optimized routes for technicians. These features include: 

  • Easy-to-print maps and driving directions
  • Smart-map technology 
  • USPS carrier route data
  • User defined routes 

Like what Routing Assistant™ includes?

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Why did Real Green take Mapping Assistant™ away?

Mapping Assistant™ was designed to function with Microsoft MapPoint, which was discontinued on December 31, 2014.  Since Microsoft is no longer supporting this software or publishing updates, Real Green Systems can not offer Mapping Assistant™ to any of its customers.

As the leading feild service software company, we have developed a replacement for Mapping Assistant named Routing Assistant™. We encourage all of our clients to use this software.

If you want to continue to use Mapping Assistant with MapPoint, DO NOT load any Service Assistant updates beginning with version 4.6.

My manager runs service calls, but we never use mapping for them. Will that count as a truck?

No. Only routes that have been selected using Routing Assistant™ screens will be counted.

How much does Routing Assistant™ cost?

There is no setup fee or purchase price for Routing Assistant™.

There is a $30/month support fee, per database. Multi-location branches no longer pay per site.

Real Green is required to pay a fee to ALK Maps for each asset routed. Therefore, there is a charge starting at $8 per month for each truck (asset) routed.

How do you count “routed trucks”?

"Routed truck" is defined as the daily maximum number of unique work crews that completed work, selected from Routing Assistant in a given month.

How do I get Routing Assistant™ loaded on my machine(s)?

Give our Business Consultation Team a call at: 888-345-2154 Option #2.

They will set up an appointment with our support team, who will then connect with your machine, via Bomgar, and load the application. This will be followed by a basic training session.

How can I learn more about Routing Assistant™ and its features?

Check out this GoToWebinar:

How and when can I switch to Routing Assistant™, powered by ALK Maps?

Mapping Assistant™ users may switch to Routing Assistant ™ at any time. It's recommended to shift over during late summer or early fall, in order to gain experience with the product prior to the spring busy season.

Are all users required to switch from Mapping Assistant™?

There is no requirement to switch to Routing Assistant ™. However, Microsoft MapPoint was discontinued on December 31,/2014 and is no longer as of July 14, 2015. Real Green removed the MapPoint integration from Service Assistant™ with version 4.6 – to be released sometime after January 1, 2016.

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