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Put RealGreen Marketing’s expertise to work for you with campaigns that will elevate your brand. Your growth is our obsession.

Digital Marketing to Help You Grow

Solutions to manage and grow your business

RealGreen Digital Marketing Services knows how to reach the right customers, at the right time, with the right message. Our green industry marketing plan will target and attract the right customers, provide analytics to increase ROI and boost your business.

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Convert More Leads into Customers

Prospect Smart™

Prospect Smart™ uses cutting-edge technology to capture, nurture and convert leads. It follows every lead from the first touchpoint all the way through the customer journey, deploying advanced data and analytics to help you send the right messages to the right customers at the right time – and close every sale. Because it seamlessly integrates with Service Assistant® 5, every lead is automatically migrated into the system. No need for manual input.

With Prospect Smart™, you can:

  • See who visits your website, where they’re coming from and what they respond to
  • Craft targeted, automated marketing messages based on customer behaviors
  • Provide visitors with the information and the products they want and need
  • Determine the ROI on every campaign because you can see what worked, and what didn’t
  • Convert more leads into customers and grow your business

Stand Out Online

Website Design & Development

We’ll make your company stand out on the web. We incorporate your unique branding elements to create a lawn care website that will ensure your promotions, specialized industry news, announcements and — most importantly — your products generate a positive online response.

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SEO services

Be Front-Page News

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Increased visibility on search engines mean increased leads and brand awareness. Our SEO experts strategically analyze industry trends to create content so that your company is seen on the front pages of the web.

Use on-page SEO to get to the top of Google's search results

Get more traffic with higher rankings

Optimizing website pages will cause Google to rank your site better. We know the key phrases and terms that prospects use when looking for your services, so we make sure your site is well-targeted for success. You’ll never have to worry about not showing up in Google again.

For even more search ranking information, check out our local search service.

Entice customers with better listings

Each search listing has a headline and a description that we can customize. Searchers want to click on listings that are relevant and somewhat catchy. We make sure they are optimized for the user, and for Google.

Never worry about Google’s changes

Did you know that Google made over 3,000 changes to their search algorithm in 2018 alone? Some marketing companies want to “over-stuff” pages with keywords to try and artificially inflate rankings. This can cause a website to be penalized and lose rankings in Google. Rest assured that we don’t use short-sighted methods and will always stay in Google’s good graces.

Improve keyword rank to Google's page 1 using research and website optimization

Leverage in-depth keyword research

The first step of on-page optimization is finding keyword phrases that potential customers use to search. We cross reference multiple sources, from Google’s own databases to third-party apps, to compile a complete list of up-to-date search terms to use on your website.

Get optimization for every new page

Whenever a new page is created for the site, we will make sure the content, meta information and links to and from the page adheres to our standards. On top of that, we’re always updating our strategies to follow the latest best practices in the industry.

Customer Data at Your Command

Stay in control with the Command Center

With this easy-to-use web portal, you will never again have to request marketing reports. Social interactions, communications and campaigns translate into meaningful conversations and increased conversions.

command center

Field service marketing that fits your style, and scales with you

What organizations need today will inevitably change tomorrow. Imagine the flexibility to setup and track all your marketing campaigns in one easy to use platform. Well, dream no more. We’ve developed a scalable green industry marketing solution that does it. This flexibility allows you to send emails, order direct mail, listen to phone calls, manage your marketing, and more.

Gain full control of your marketing brand

To maximize results in today’s climate of marketing and sales, you must have the right tools to utilize all of the strategies and tactics in your integrated marketing plan. Our all-in-one Command Center dashboard allows you to successfully implement a plan and take control of the company’s brand through the use of several digital services.

Services include:

  • IntelliMail
  • Data cleansing
  • Listing management
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Directing Traffic To You

Paid Search

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) can drive traffic to your website through paid ads that may display in searches on Google, Bing, or even social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

Get to marketing leads fast with pay-per-click

Pay-per-click advertising is one of the best ways to quickly reach customers online, but it can be a complicated, costly, and confusing process. Let RealGreen build custom strategies to ensure dollars are spent in the most effective manner possible.

Pay-per-click marketing: instantly get in front of prospectives to generate leads

What is PPC?

It’s an online advertising platform used to direct targeted web traffic to a landing page(s) through the search networks like Google and Bing. It goes by many names Pay-per-click (PPC), Cost-per-click (CPC), Google Adwords, Google Ads, Bing Ads.

How does it work?

Potential customers search on Google or Bing for key words or phrases like “Lawn care near me”. The search engine then displays the paid ads at the top of the search results. The prospect then decides if they are interested and clicks on the ad. (Note you only pay when someone clicks on your Ad.) From the ad they are redirected to a landing page (aka a web page) that highlights the service offered and directs the prospect to call or complete the web form.

Why use PPC?

PPC is one of the quickest ways to drive traffic, it increases your company’s brand exposure and most importantly it can be tailored to your goals. Additionally it can set for a specific target audience and provides fast measurable results.

PPC and SEO are better when used together

While waiting for results from SEO, PPC can be set up quickly to send traffic to specific landing pages. If you are showing up at the top of results organically (SEO), developing a PPC campaign can help increase brand visibility. Also, what works for PPC often works for SEO.

For more information about SEO, visit our pages on local search and website optimization.

Why use RealGreen for PPC and SEO?

  • RealGreen knows your industry
  • It specializes in developing engaging content for lawn care/pest companies
  • RealGreen is a Facebook and Google partner
  • Our team has the ability to manage Ad accounts on behalf of other brands or businesses
  • RealGreen experts have the proper training, knowledge and experience to ensure that you are getting a superior product
  • RealGreen is Google certified
  • We offer tools that other agencies don’t

Get custom pay-per-click ads that promote your company and services

Get customized messaging for each online ad

We create a variety of ads that highlight your business and drive interest. We A/B test ad groups to encourage engagement.

Unique landing page creation

Let us create unique landing pages for your campaigns that shorten the sales funnel, increase conversion rates and entice customers to send their information. This makes each potential customer much more likely to call or email and convert to a sale.

Campaign management

Paid Media can be complex and takes time to manage but it doesn’t have to be. Let our team create pay-per-click campaigns for your business. We can target your audience and drive them to contact you.

Measure your success with new leads and KPI reports

We look at key performance indicators (KPIs) like Click Thru Rate (CTR), Conversions, Conv. Rate, Cost/Conversion to check performance. Don’t worry about all that jargon. We are your partner and will walk you through the process and answer any questions all while focusing on getting you more marketing leads.

No Cookies? No Problem

IP Target Marketing

Put your digital marketing on a diet by getting rid of the cookies. Our system doesn’t use any, so your ads are more targeted and highly trackable, reducing your digital marketing spend and ensuring they’re viewed by your target audience(s).

Linking people together
Team Brainstorming content

Stay relevant with new content creation

Content Creation

Writing timely, relevant content is the cornerstone of any online marketing strategy. Unfortunately, it is time consuming and challenging to keep coming up with new ideas. Let our lawn care marketing experts cover the entire process, from brainstorming to publishing

Keep your lawn care service business website fresh with relative content

Become a trusted lawn care resource

When a website consistently publishes helpful information, customers begin to trust them as a resource in the industry. Get more return visitors to your website, improved brand awareness and–as a result–more leads and customers at the end of the day.

The most relevant content gets more traffic from Google

Google has said that they value new, relevant content and prioritize it over old websites that are never updated. Get a head start over your competition by constantly sending new information to Google. You’ll show up more often and get more visitors wanting to stay educated on current trends.

Website content should be timely, relevant and consistent as well as informative

Content for all stages of awareness

Potential customers may already know of your lawn services or they could be completely unaware.  This could be a problem. We are well educated on the buyer’s journey and write our content to specifically target them all.

Timely, relevant topics

We research lawn care trends and news in your area that specifically relates to your company and write content around these topics. Always be ahead of the curve by being the first place where people hear about the latest events.

New content every month

We never stop writing new lawn care content. With every new year or season, there is a potential new customer looking for information and we want them to find your company. Even in the off season, people will be preparing for the next year. We make sure you’re there to help them.

Use measurable data to successfully promote your business

Data Management & Analytics

Most businesses engage in the art of marketing. We believe in the science of marketing. What’s the difference? An art approach is qualitative and subjective, while a scientific approach to marketing is quantifiable and factual.

data management

Utilize data to develop targeted marketing strategies and tactics

Collecting and analyzing information on your client’s purchasing habits is crucial to business success.  Target prospects before they make buying decisions by understanding their behaviors.

local search

Reach nearby customers with local search

Local Search & Reviews

Be seen, not left behind! Showing up on Google in a local search can be a huge advantage for any business. With more users searching from mobile devices wanting to buy from local companies, being found in local search results are a necessity.

Review your listing for a more comprehensive analysis of your digital footprint, contact RealGreen’s Digital Marketing Services.

Be found and rank higher with local search optimization

Get found in local searches

Potential customers search on Google MapsYelpYellow Pages and other local directories. Can your business be found? Is your information correct? Is your complete service area represented?

In this digital age, it’s so important to be listed online. Never lose another potential customer. Make sure your business is listed on each of these sites.

Take full advantage of Google

Creating local listings on Google means showing up more often in search results, especially if potential customers are searching on their phone. And guess what? That scenario is happening more and more often. Don’t let competitors outrank you in local searches, take action now and use RealGreen’s digital solution.

Managed listings on all local services

GoogleMyBusiness to CitySearch, let us make sure your business information is current and accurate with our local listing software. Having your company’s name, address and phone number display consistently across the Internet is a big factor in local search ranking. When information changes, such as a new phone number or an office location moved or closed, make sure the information is changed online as soon as possible.

Increase satisfaction and loyalty by improving your client experience

Reputation Management

Customers are most satisfied when they find what they need. Allow your promotional campaigns to offer exactly what they are looking to buy. Track offers and offer customer loyalty rewards as well.

Five star rating

Get great reviews and advertise them too!

We offer tools to manage and monitor your reputation online.  Strategically ask customers for reviews and make it easy for them to write reviews even before they leave your place of business. Our review filter encourages great reviews. Now let’s publicize them!

Get found in local searches

From GoogleMyBusiness to CitySearch, My Listings will make sure your company’s name, address and phone number are found to help increase your sales.

Now’s the time to take advantage. With more people using digital devices to perform a local search from their mobile phone, it’s important to be discovered accurately, complete and with compelling information that will attract people to your company.

My Listings provide accuracy to help boost SEO and ensure that the way to contact you will be correct all year round. Your information is constantly monitored on 100+ listing sites and any changes are locked in.

Be seen and not left behind with My Listings.

Reputation monitoring

Even the best companies get negative reviews sometimes. For the occasional bad review or unhappy rant from an unsatisfied customer, let us positively respond so your reputation stays intact. This level of customer care is highly valued in today’s marketplace, so don’t miss out.

Gain credibility with reviews

According to a study posted on Bright Local in 2014, the Local Consumer Review Survey reported a shift in consumer online habits. The study found that approximately 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Gain consumer trust with a local review generation campaign. Generate more positive reviews and even respond to negative ones to keep your credibility intact.

Review generation program

Don’t wait to receive a positive online review. They’re easy to get with our generation program. The program integrates with other marketing services, such as direct mail campaigns or email reminders, so that efforts are maximized. Receive positive experiences from satisfied clients.

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