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IntelliMail: Smart, trackable direct mail

RealGreen makes direct mail smarter and more effective. With IntelliMail, you get a 360-degree view of every campaign and how well it’s working.

Snail Mail Still Works

Effective, Targeted Direct Mail Campaigns

Targeted direct mail can be extremely effective for attracting new customers – having an actual, physical piece of mail makes an immediate impact. It’s all about knowing how to send the right message to the right people at the right time. And RealGreen knows how to do that for you.

Simple and cost-effective

Easily, affordably get your message across

Direct mail marketing remains one of the most affordable and effective ways to communicate your message to customers and potential customers. With several different direct mail services to choose from, RealGreen provides cost-effective mailing solutions for every business.

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Women in pink sweater opening mail

Expand your reach

Reach new prospects and customers

Did you know that your existing customers’ neighbors are five times more likely to employ your company? RealGreen Neighbor Production Postcards quickly and easily reach those valuable leads. With our targeted lists, you won’t waste any money on useless addresses or extra printing costs.

Pre-Pay Campaigns that Work

Generate cash flow in the off season

Use RealGreen’s Active Pre-Pay Letter program to run a successful campaign during winter’s slower months – and generate much-needed cash flow during the off season.

Women in blue sweater opening mail
Man with glasses with mail

Track Your Success

Know how each campaign is performing

IntelliMail uses a combination of tracking phone numbers, URLs and web landing pages on every direct mail piece to provide a clear view of exactly how well each campaign is performing. With IntelliMail, you can see exactly how profitable a direct mail campaign can be for your company.

IntelliMail Features


Communicate with customers


Custom designed marketing pieces


Track every mailer


Increase your ROI

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