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January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019
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Real Green Systems is committed to help manage and grow your business with ease and efficiency. That's why it holds monthly educational webinars. These free events provide valuable information about the powerful marketing features of our products and services. Learn to use them to their fullest advantage.

Most live events are scheduled at 4 p.m. EST. (AMA are at 3 p.m. EST) and feature a question and answer session, so participants may have questions answered by a Real Green expert.

These free events are part of our ongoing commitment to provide everything to manage and grow a business. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Thank you and enjoy!

List of Upcoming Webinars

AMA - Un-Serviceable Email – April 4, 2019

Have you ever had to tell a customer, “We were unable to service your property”? From time-to-time, it happens. You've seen every non-service situation - the gate was locked, the dog was in the yard or severe weather moved into the area. With Automated Marketing Assistant™ (AMA), you have the tools to notify your customers when a technician was unable to service the property. Join Carl Lainesse and learn about the new Un-Serviceable Email.

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AMA - CAW Registration Email – April 25, 2019

Registered Customer Assistant® Website (CAW) users are more likely to purchase additional services, sign up for auto payment and customer referrals. Register and introduce customers to your CAW website. Learn to send links to CAW prepay options. One single transaction can add upsells and prepay. Now sit back and watch the prepay dollars roll in.

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AMA - Credit Card Expiration Email – May 16, 2019

Credit Card Expiring Emails are sent at the beginning of each month to customers, alerting them their credit card will expire at month’s end. These emails include a ‘quick link’ to update their credit card information, so their payments can process uninterrupted. Carl will recommend the drip process. Send in the middle of the month, end of the month, and once the credit card has expired.

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2019 Recordings

AMA - New Template Editor in the Command Center – March 14, 2019

Join Carl Lainesse and his guest RGS Developer Ivan Ribeiro as they discuss the new template editor found within the Command Center. This new feature allows users to perform a custom edit to templates for triggered emails. These are the emails that are set up in the Automated Marketing Assistant™ (AMA) utility.

Introducing AMA 2.0 - Thursday, February 21

Join presenter Carl Lainesse and the Real Green Automated Marketing Assistant™ (AMA) staff of Marcus, Canty, Dave Marquis, Dawn Martin, and Ryan Mullins as they introduce the anticipated AMA 2.0. Watch this video to see the latest features coming to AMA.

2018 Recordings

Estimate Rejects featuring Melanie Musgrave - Thursday, October 18

Join Carl Lainesse and his special guest Melanie Musgrave of Mainely Grass as they discuss Automated Marketing Assistant™and it's feature estimate rejects. Listen in as Melanie talks about her long-time AMA use, her experience with the "Set It and Forget It" software, and her company's successful process with estimate rejected emails. Melanie's company used this feature to gain 178 new customers.

AMA - Estimate follow-ups featuring Paul Wagner of Fit Turf - Thursday, October 4

Watch this video with automated marketing guru Carl Lainesse and his special guest Paul Wagner from Fit Turf. Paul is a longtime customer of Real Green and uses Automated Marketing Assistant™ to perform office tasks such as automated estimates, email ahead, follow-up emails, and other routine communications.

AMA - Prepay Letters and Emails – Thursday, September 27

Join Carl Lainesse for an AMA webinar featuring guest speaker Ryan Shiplett from rom My Fertilizing Company. Carl and Ryan discuss the importance of activating AMA and using the prepay feature for letters and emails for easy payment collection. Ryan will also share his story on how setting up prepay helped his new company get needed cash in hand during a stressful down time.

AMA - Setting up promotions in CAW for AMA emails - Thursday, September 6

Join Carl Lainesse for an AMA webinar featuring guest speaker Craig Dalessandro. Craig will show you how to set up a new promotion for your company or for a specific branch location. See how easy it is to use CAW to make a new email campaign and link it to AMA.

AMA - How to Look at Stats in the Command Center – Thursday, August 23

In this short video, Carl Lainesse shows you how to review stats from an email campaign to determine your success rate and return on investment. Find out where to access your campaign data in the Command Center, claim leads and review concepts like open rate, click rate, and bounce rate.

AMA - How to Build Campaigns in the Command Center – Thursday, August 9

Join Carl Lainesse as he demonstrates how to build a campaign of emails and postcards to upsell your services to customers and get them to subscribe to your company newsletter.

AMA - Custom Templates Using the Command Center – Thursday, August 3

Join Carl Lainesse, Real Green Systems Customer Communications Specialist and RGS Developer Ivan Ribeiro for a 20 minute session as they show you how easy it is to develop your own marketing pieces using custom templates within the Command Center.

AMA - Adding Custom Images to Condition Codes for the After Service Email – Thursday, July 5

Carl Lainesse, Real Green Systems Customer Communications Specialist, will teach you how to use our Automated Marketing Assistant to manage your business marketing efforts. In this short webinar session, learn how to set up condition codes and add custom images to condition codes for after service emails.

AMA New Sale Confirmation - Add Sales People and Signed Contracts – Thursday, July 12

Want to have confirmation letters and emails automatically sent to customers? Then watch this video and follow along with Real Green Systems Customer Communications Specialist Carl Lainesse as he demonstrates how to set up new sale confirmation letters in Automated Marketing Assistant for both SA4 and SA5. Also learn how to set up your AMA to add sales people for signature lines and get digitally signed contract from customers.

2017 Recordings

direct mail postcard webinar

Recording: Neighborhood Postcards - Tuesday, April 4, 2017

These custom color postcards are proof that direct mail still works! Sent to the neighbors of your current customers, these postcards are an easy and effective way to grow your business within your existing territory. However, there is a science behind these mailings. Learn that science during this 30 minute broadcast. This webinar is recommended for anyone who wants to grow their business.

automated marketing webinar

AMA Overview - Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Revolutionize the way you communicate! Your customers want to receive timely relevant information from you, but who has time to communicate with hundreds or thousands of customers and still have time to operate a business? Real Green has made those communications a snap with Automated Marketing Assistant – the automated email and letter mailing program for communications. AMA is integrated with Service Assistant, your CAW website and the Command Center. Find out the power of AMA.

AMA Settings

AMA Settings: How to set up your program - Wednesday, April 12, 2017

This easy-to-use program only requires a one-time setup in Service Assistant© and uses the data synchronization between Service Assistant and your Customer Assistant© Website (CAW). Tune in to this webinar as Carl walks you through the setup steps. This webinar is great for users new to AMA and for seasoned AMA professional users too! There's so much the AMA platform can do, you just have to know how to set the parameters.

Command Center

Command Center - Integrating digital and print marketing using one dashboard - Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Generate leads, control your brand and engage customers with this marketing platform. Integrate your marketing including text messaging, social media posting, online reputation management, direct mail and more. make informed marketing decisions based on the analytics provided by the Command Center. It will become your new marketing 'bestie. This webinar is ideal for those who want to integrate digital marketing into their overall marketing plan, or are looking for a way to take control of their marketing efforts through a single platform.

website blogging webinar

Blogging for Your Website - Tuesday April 25, 2017

Is it really all about you? No! It's about your customers. Start a conversation about their needs. Create content that focuses on types of customers. Individualize the content and your readers will come, stay, and return.

new data webinar

Adding New Data with Square Footage - Tuesday, May 16, 2017

It all begins with data! Build a database with square footage and you've created your own gold mine. Add pictures and personalization to your marketing plan and there will be no stopping your growth. This webinar is for anyone wanting to build richer marketing and customer databases.

update data webinar

Recording: Update Your Data - Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Nationally, people move at a rate of 12% to 15% per year. New home construction is on the rise. Your sending to a list that's two or three years old. Get the picture? Learn about data updates, establish an update schedule and strategy during this webinar.

mobile communication webinar

Recording: Mobile Live: "I didn't know that!" - Thursday, July 20, 2017

Learn all of the latest tips and tricks for Mobile Live. Send alerts, track mileage, online payments, take photos, print receipts and much more. Everyone who attends this webinar learns something new.

name webinar

Recording: CAW Admin Configuration - Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Learn to set up your CAW site with optimal efficiency. John Wright will show you how to enter offers, services and packages and much more. Tune in and have your questions ready.

CAW upsell webinar

Recording: CAW Overview and Upselling - Tuesday, August 29, 2017

CAW allows customers 24/7 online access to their account. It also allows you access to a convenient way to handle many areas of your business, including communications and upsells. Learn all about this game-changing website with Joe Kinnear as your guide. This webinar is great for users new to CAW and for those thinking of implementing a CAW site.

Increase sales with web promotions and upsell offers. Offer discounts, seasonal maintenance tips to make sales soar. Find out how in this 30 minute session.

2016 Recordings

Recording: Pay Per Click - Making It Work for Your Business

Pay Per Click aka PPC is a must-have for your online marketing. PPC can help you launch a new product or service, it's great for marketing campaign A/B testing and can drive traffic wherever you want it to go. Join Kim Briggs, Real Green Systems' digital marketing specialist, as she explains exactly how PPC works and demonstrates how to use this valuable online marketing tool to gain more of the type of leads you want.

Recording: Take Command of Your Marketing

Take command of your marketing with the new Command Center. Join Dave Prevost as he takes us all on a tour. It allows you to plan, execute and track marketing campaigns in real time to gauge effectiveness. It is easy to implement and make changes as necessary. Now with the integration of Automated Marketing Assistant’s Scheduled Emails, create and send customized emails. Find out how to take command of your marketing with the new Command Center.

Recording: Track and Protect Your Fleet – Increase Your Profits

Your fleet vehicles are among your business' most valuable assets. Truck Assistant™ helps keep track of where vehicles are at all times, how they are being handled by staff and even aides in maintenance by alerting you when the tires need rotating, oil changing and much more.

The system is basically a way for your vehicles to engage with you - telling you vital information needed to maintain their well-being and your peace of mind.

Join Joe McPhail, Real Green Systems Mobile Technology VP, as he shows you the multiple ways Truck Assistant can help you save on vehicle mileage and maintenance, all while keeping a close eye on how your staff is driving and respecting your investment when out in the field.

2015 Recordings

Recording: Turn Your Marketing Data Into Gold

This webinar will discuss ways to grow your marketing data, enrich the data you already have and use it to maximize your company’s growth. You’ll learn how to use the marketing data you already have, in conjunction with your Real Green software to easily convert marketing prospects into new customers – fast.

Mike Dauer will also show you inventive ways to grow your marketing data and add value to the lists you already have.

It’s your data – find out how to get the most out of it with “Turn Your Marketing Data Into Gold!”

Recording: Local SEO Marketing with My Local Marketing

Learn how to grow your business in your own neighborhood. It not only builds community loyalty, it helps keep your routes tight and maximizes your resources. A key component to your local marketing efforts is localized SEO marketing. Join Jim Kucik, Real Green's Marketing Services National Sales Director, as he explains how My Local Marketing can get your business found at the top of local internet searches, while keeping your brand fresh and in front of your target audience year around.

Recording: Get the word out! Today's Referral Marketing

Referral Marketing increases word of mouth marketing by encouraging current customers and contacts to talk about your brand or product as much as possible.

While this one on one approach is great, it isn't nearly as effective as using a digital referral marketing platform. An online referral marketing system will bring message consistency, repetition and predictable rewards to the table. It also allows for mass message distribution through social channels, email, and more.

Referral Marketing Consultant, Dan Wellbaum, will show you how to implement a highly successful referral marketing campaign for your business. He will also share creative ways to use your referral campaigns to help your community, social or charitable causes, encouraging your audience and their contacts to take notice and choose you for their service provider.

Recording: 26 Ways to Increase Sales Using Emails and Letters

Your customers and marketing audience are on the move and your communication has to change to meet their expectations. If you’re having trouble keeping up with the growing demands of consumer and marketing communications, view this hour long webinar that will change the way you reach out to your audience forever. Carl Lainesse, Real Green Systems Customer Communications Specialist will show you how to properly time your emails and provide content your customers value and look forward to. Learn how to develop emails that will cause cancelled customers to pick up the phone and reconnect and reach out to prospective customers who may have rejected your estimates in the past. Discover the power of friendly payment reminders and learn how to track your email recipients’ activities and interaction with your communications.

Recording: I Hear You Knocking – Winning with Door-2-Door

It's not always what you say, it's how and when you say it. Find out the winning ways of true door-2-door gurus. Learn the power of a well-rehearsed script, and discover techniques to change a "no" into a "yes". We will also cover some tips and tricks to overcome stage fright, as well as how to talk "to" your prospects rather than "at" them.

Recording: Maximizing Mobile Live™

Are you using Mobile Live to its fullest potential? Brian Bacigalupo will show you how to unleash the power of Mobile Live to help you grow and manage your business easier and more efficiently. New features are frequently being added to this already powerful tool. You will want to leverage each one of them to maximize your resources and growth.

Recording: Routing Assistant™

Join Steve Katz as he walks you through the newest addition to the "Assistant" line of products. Routing Assistant uses ALK Maps – allowing more flexibility, functionality and fun! Yes, fun! Tune in to find out how this amazing product will have you managing your routes with the speed, agility and precision of a Nascar race driver.

Recording: Keys to Great Customer Service

Good customer service doesn’t just happen. It takes planning, training and practice. Beth Berry has mastered the art of keeping customers happy and will teach you everything from handling disgruntled customers to establishing and maintaining great customer relationships. She will also share tips for teaching your staff how to deliver great customer service, during this free one hour event.

Recording: Growing Your Business Locally with MyLocal Marketing

If your company doesn’t have a strong local online presence, you’re missing out on new business right in your own backyard. My Local Marketing is the multi-venue, gamification program that makes sure your business is found first in online searches within your community or chosen geographical area.

Join Dave Prevost our National Accounts Director, as he walks you through this smart way to market your business online. From online reputation and customer loyalty programs to social media, managed local listings and comprehensive tracking and reporting, MyLocal Marketing is a must-have for any service industry business. It can be especially effective for your lawn care or pest control company.

As always, you’ll want to stay tuned until the end of the webinar for a special “Webinar Only” special. They are always worthwhile and are designed to help you grow and manage your business effectively, while saving you money.

2014 Recordings

Recording: Mobile Live™ and Door-2-Door

Join Brian B as he walks you through a Door-2-Door Campaign with Mobile Live! You’ll get a firsthand look at how easy it is to grow and manage your business using this revolutionary app! Discover money and time saving tips and learn to use in-field estimates, site photos, tech notes and more to increase sales and upsells like never before. This hour long time investment could change the way you work forever!

Recording: Automated Marketing Assistant™ – Grow Your Business with “Set It & Forget It” Customer Communications!

Communication. It seems so simple. However, it can be tedious and time consuming for companies – plus, if it isn’t consistent and reliable, it won’t be effective. Automated Marketing Assistant has revolutionized customer communications and marketing. Hundreds of companies currently use this amazing service to stay in touch with their customers and grow their businesses.

Recording: Customer Assistant™ Websites – Leverage Their Full Marketing Potential

Are you using your CAW website to grow your business? CAW websites are more than just an online payment mechanism – they integrate fully with Service Assistant, Automated Marketing Assistant and Referral Assistant. They also have an abundance of built-in marketing features to help you promote and grow your business. Learn tips to use your CAW site to its full marketing potential.

Recording: One-Step Sales with Measurement Assistant™

Join Brian Bacigalupo and Erin Kern as they show you the power of fast, easy estimates with Measurement Assistant©. It is accessible 24/7, giving you the ability to create estimates anytime, from anywhere, in any weather. Its Service Assistant© integration allows you to capture property images for future use on your marketing promotions. The importance of one-step sales will also be covered. There’s so much more to this handy tool than just fast estimates and photos.

Recording: 7 Tips to Turbo Boost Your Marketing Data

This webinar, presented by Mike Dauer, Real Green’s VP of Marketing Data & Direct Mail, will discuss ways to grow your marketing data, enrich the data you already have and use it to maximize your company’s growth. You’ll learn how to use the data you already have, in conjunction with your Real Green software to easily convert marketing prospects into new customers – fast. Mike will also show you inventive ways to grow your marketing data and add value to the lists you already have.It’s your data – find out how to get the most out of it with “7 Ways to Turbo Boost Your Marketing Data!”

Recording: Print Marketing – What’s New & What Works!

In this webinar, presented by Dave Boulter, Real Green’s VP of Printing, you will discover what’s new in print marketing and the innovative ways you can use print marketing to grow your business. Dave will present new print products and new ways to utilize what you already have! Be sure to view this informative webinar.

Recording: Referral Assistant™ – The Easy Way To Grow Your Business!

Your customers have a valuable story to tell! It’s all about your wonderful products and services. And when they tell that story, their friends and family listen and want to do business with you too!

Referral Assistant is a completely automated system that lets your customers easily spread the good word about your company, provides an easy way to track referrals and reward your customer! With each new customer you gain, it pays for itself!

Join Erin Kern as she shares the user-friendly features and multiple ways of promoting this amazing product to your customers. You won’t want to miss one minute of this webinar!

Recording: 2015 Marketing Planning - Setting the Foundation for Explosive Growth!

Your business can grow beyond your expectations with proper planning. Join Mike Dauer as he shows you how to develop a winning plan marketing plan. You’ll gain the knowledge you need to make informed choices for your company’s marketing and growth.