Automate Marketing and Customer Communication

Automated Marketing Assistant® removes the burden of communicating to customers, prospects and lost customers with friendly and informative autogenerated emails and letters. These communications say what you don’t always have time to effectively, easily, and automatically.

Manage An Average of 20% More Customers with Real Green

Add an Average of 4 More Jobs/Day with Real Green

Real Green Systems’ customers reported 7% new customer growth

Why choose Automated Marketing Assistant?

More Customers, Less Overhead

With AMA, expand your customer base quickly –at the right price

Automated Marketing Assistant is marketing software that gets proven results. It takes over the task of communicating with prospects, customers and lost customers by automatically sending timely, personalized, friendly emails and letters. Just one simple setup and you’re ready to go with more than 50 customizable set-it-and-forget-it auto-generated communications. 

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Quick Setup. Lasting Results

Set it and forget it with Automated Marketing Assistant

After your one-time setup, Automated Marketing Assistant seamlessly integrates with Service Assistant® and Customer Assistant® Website to effortlessly connect with customers.

Send More, Do More, Close More

Auto-generate effective emails based on triggers

Automated Marketing Assistant creates personalized communications specific to each customer, sent out based on triggers from daily data input from your production, office and sales teams. Maximize your promotional efforts, introduce referral programs, post to social media, share testimonials – and boost sales. This automated marketing software works in the background so that you and your team have more time to service new leads and grow your business.

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Increase Sales with Minimal Effort

The easiest, most effective way to reach your customers

With Automated Marketing Assistant, connecting with customers and potential customers has never been easier. Personalized, targeted emails give them the information they’re looking for and the results speak for themselves. Automated Marketing Assistant customers report increases in upsells, auto-pay enrollments, estimate approvals and referrals.

Close More Sales with AMA

Target prospects with messages that really work

Automated Marketing Assistant lets you target prospects with “estimate not sold” letters and emails. If they’ve said “no thanks” or haven’t responded, AMA will automatically send a series of specially timed letters and emails that will help your sales team overcome those hesitations, gain a positive response and win the sale. It’s a low-cost, low-effort way to boost estimate acceptance.

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Field technician updating customer with an after service email through the automated marketing assistant platform.

Keep Customers In The Loop

Let them know what’s happening with after-service emails

Alert customers with after-service emails! Following each visit, you can inform your lawn care customers about the condition of their lawn based on information provided by your in-field technicians. Each message contains a link to helpful information and potential solutions.

This easy-to-use program automatically processes information and helps bridge the gap between intent and action with auto-generated emails and letters to your clients.

Features to make your life easier

Features of Automated Marketing Assistant include:


Auto-Generated Email Templates


Service and new order email customization


Rejected email letters


Customer prepay options


Custom alerts


Automated follow-ups

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The more we use and become familiar with this lawn care software the greater the capabilities become apparent. We especially like that we set the parameters to fit our particular needs and so it is tailor-made to our business. 

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Perm-O-Green Lawn

BTW, love the new Routing Assistant!!! MUCH faster, it’s great!!”

Jaimie Madsen

One Step Tree and Lawncare

I knew Real Green was the right move for Joshua Tree. This is a company that’s moving in the right direction. They have a lot of experience behind them. They are continually adding services and products to their software. This is a team I want to be a part of.

Joshua Malik

Joshua Tree