Get Credit Card Payments Quickly and Save Money on Fees

Payment processing makes it easy to manage one-time payments, auto-pay agreements and installment payments directly from Service Assistant.

Manage An Average of 20% More Customers with RealGreen

Add an Average of 4 More Jobs/Day with RealGreen

RealGreen’ customers reported 7% new customer growth

Why choose RealGreen?

Payment processing integrates seamlessly with Service Assistant. It’s the best payment processing software for lawn care, landscaping, arbor care and pest control companies.

Billing and payments made easy

Payment Processing Solution to Get Paid Faster

Streamline your billing process with payment processing. It’s your all-in-one payment solution. Totally secure and PCI-compliant, payment processing seamlessly integrates with Service Assistant to quickly and safely collect online payments. Clients can pay-as-they-go, pre-pay or auto-pay.

Customers enjoying RealGreen's easy to use payment processing software
Get paid on time with automated payment processing. Your customers will thank you!

Get paid on time, almost every time

Virtually eliminate late payments

Payment processing helps reduce late payments – which is better for your cash flow. Past due client accounts receive notifications that encourage prompt payment. More timely payments mean fewer accounts on credit hold, less time spent trying to resolve customer accounts and more cash on hand for your business.

Safe, Secure, Convenient

Make it easy for customers to pay, safely

Payment processing safeguards online payments with PCI-compliant, safe and secure software. Give your customers the peace of mind of knowing that their personal information is always protected, along with the convenience of being able to make payments online at their own convenience.

Easy credit card processing on any mobile device

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Reduce Paper Clutter

Save time, effort, and costs

Payment processing will help you use less paper in the office. No more sending out bulky, wasteful monthly statements. Clients can just log in to see their easy-to-understand bill– and they will appreciate the ease of making online payments, too. Payment processing also helps reduce time-consuming phone calls…while making it easier for you to upsell additional services.


Get paid where it’s most convenient to you

Make it easy for your customers to pay you with payment processing! With payment processing, you can do credit card processing on any mobile device. Accept safe, secure payments when it works for you while eliminating lag time, reducing paper and cutting back on waste. You’ll get paid right away and your customers will appreciate the ease of making payments at the time of service.

More Money, Faster

Increase your cash flow

With payment processing, accounts will always reflect the most up-to-date payments and balances due — instead of having to wait for checks to arrive in the mail, then making cumbersome bank deposits when time allows, then waiting for the checks to clear and the money to show up in your account. You’ll increase on-time payments and ensure better cash flow.

Customer holding credit card and using online payment solution to pay for services

Payment Processing Features


Secure, PCI Compliant transactions


Convenient online payment portal


Transparent, easy to understand billing


Integrated payment processing


Straightforward, competitive pricing


No Hidden or Unexpected Fees

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The more we use and become familiar with this lawn care software the greater the capabilities become apparent. We especially like that we set the parameters to fit our particular needs and so it is tailor-made to our business. 

Anonymous Sender

Perm-O-Green Lawn

BTW, love the new Routing Assistant!!! MUCH faster, it’s great!!”

Jaimie Madsen

One Step Tree and Lawncare

I knew RealGreen was the right move for Joshua Tree. This is a company that’s moving in the right direction. They have a lot of experience behind them. They are continually adding services and products to their software. This is a team I want to be a part of.

Joshua Malik

Joshua Tree