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Automate Routes in Minutes With Dynamic Routing

The first product of its kind specifically designed for the green industry, Dynamic Routing automates your back office process and builds efficient routes that honor your business rules.

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Increase revenue and add more profitable stops

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Why choose Dynamic Routing?


No more note cards — set your tech, truck, and business constraints and forget it.

Dynamic routing is a powerful, automated lawn care routing solution that will significantly streamline your back office processes. It creates the most efficient routes using your business constraints and priorities – enabling you to sort and optimize routes based on technician skills, licensing and availability, customer availability, vehicle capacity, traffic patterns, service type, same side of the street, and more. It’s your routes, your way, meeting your specific needs – every time.

Your lawn care routing constraints play a pivotal role in guiding the algorithm. They create the rulebook our system follows to develop the smartest routes, along with the flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances and specific customer needs. Plus – it’s designed to be”set it and forget it.” Once configured, you can rely on the system to generate smooth, efficient routes consistently and automatically. There’s no need for constant manipulation, giving you the freedom to focus on the rest of your business.

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Scheduling and route planning made easy

Easy to use and interactive, Dynamic Routing integrates with Service Assistant for fast, efficient route optimization. Dynamic Routing features a visual route designer, geocoding to convert addresses into map coordinates, drag-and-drop route planning, and printable satellite maps and directions for maximum effectiveness.

With Dynamic Routing, you’ll increase production by adding more stops per day, reduce fuel costs through shorter routes, and improve “new driver” productivity.

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Along with constraints, your priorities guide the routing algorithm

Dynamic Routing enables you to prioritize services by type and configure how to handle those services. Once you’ve submitted your preferences, our system queues and displays them, making it easy to keep track of everything. Conveniently view all routes or individual routes, or batch them for efficient planning. Additionally, you can set up specific services and techs you’re building routes for. Our powerful algorithm will create optimal routes based on your selected techs and days, while also adhering to any other constraints you’ve specified.


Fine-tune your routes, but maintain optimization

Experience unparalleled control with our advanced lawn care routing software. Before finalizing and assigning routes to your technicians, enjoy the flexibility to review and adjust every detail. Need to add extra stops? No problem. Our intelligent system automatically optimizes the route with each addition, ensuring maximum efficiency and saving valuable time in the scheduling process.

Effortlessly manage your daily schedules with the confidence that your routes are not just planned but perfectly orchestrated. Our routing software adapts in real-time and even considers weather conditions, providing the best possible path for every job.

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More time for customers

With just a few clicks in Dynamic Routing, you can quickly plan optimized routes for every job and service call. Instantly free up hundreds of labor hours’ worth of manual route planning and spend that time nurturing and growing your business.


More time for prospecting

Techs can conveniently drop off marketing materials to new prospects near current customer locations to maximize the value of every route. Extra time on your hands? Plan out a productive day of marketing routes and generate new leads in less time.

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Dynamic Routing Features


Configure constraints and stop priority and click a button to create routes in minutes


Reduce risk by ensuring routes honor business rules and configured constraints


Save back office and in-field time, money and labor with the most efficient routes possible


Simplify route planning using a proprietary algorithm


Allows planners flexibility to fine-tune routes after automation


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The more we use and become familiar with this lawn care software the greater the capabilities become apparent. We especially like that we set the parameters to fit our particular needs and so it is tailor-made to our business. 

Anonymous Sender

Perm-O-Green Lawn

BTW, love the new Routing Assistant!!! MUCH faster, it's great!!

Jaimie Madsen

One Step Tree and Lawncare

RealGreen has been a pioneer, one of the leaders and a lot of folks are going to try to knock them off and create versions of what RealGreen has done. I don't want a knockoff when the real product is out there.

Rob Palmer

President, Lawn Squad

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Frequently Asked Questions

New to RealGreen or just looking for more info? Check out our frequently asked questions as a quick guide through our green industry software solutions and their many features.

What is landscaping and lawn care routing software?

Landscaping and lawn care routing software is a specialized tool designed to streamline the operations of lawn care and landscaping businesses. It enables efficient route planning for service appointments, optimizing schedules to reduce travel time and costs. This type of software often includes features like GPS integration, client management, invoicing, and job tracking. By automating and optimizing these tasks, landscaping and lawn care professionals can enhance productivity, reduce overheads, and provide better service to their clients.

Why does my green industry business need route planning software?

Route planning software is crucial for your green industry business. It saves money by optimizing routes, reduces travel time, and enhances customer satisfaction. Efficient scheduling and resource allocation are simplified, reducing errors and boosting operational efficiency. In a competitive field like the green industry, this software is essential for profitability and top-notch customer service.

My manager runs service calls, but we never use mapping for them. Will that count as a truck?

No. Only routes that have been selected using Routing Assistant™ screens will be counted.

How do you count "Routed Trucks"?

“Routed truck” is defined as the daily maximum number of unique work crews that completed work, selected from Routing Assistant in a given month.

How do I get Routing Assistant loaded on my machine(s)?

Give our Business Consultation Team a call at: 888-345-2154 Option #2.

They will set up an appointment with our support team, who will then connect with your machine, via Bomgar, and load the application. This will be followed by a basic training session.

How can I learn more about Routing Assistant and its features?

How and when can I switch to Routing Assistant, powered by ALK Maps?

Mapping Assistant™ users may switch to Routing Assistant ™ at any time. It’s recommended to shift over during late summer or early fall, in order to gain experience with the product prior to the spring busy season.

Are all users required to switch from Mapping Assistant?

There is no requirement to switch to Routing Assistant ™. However, Microsoft MapPoint was discontinued on December 31,/2014 and is no longer as of July 14, 2015. RealGreen removed the MapPoint integration from Service Assistant™ with version 4.6 – to be released sometime after January 1, 2016.

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