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Summer is in the air, so what’s a more perfect time to show off those lawn signs. A great way to promote your business and take advantage of the vehicle and foot traffic passing by your future and existing customers.

“Lawn Posting is marketing 101 of lawn care, it’s the number one tool I recommend to my customers when presented with a budget,” Dave Boulter said, Vice President of the Print Division at Real Green Systems.

Real Green has become one of the largest providers of lawn signs. Just one of the few features in lawn care software that we offer, with more than 20 years of experience.

But be careful! There are tons of rules and regulations to lawn sign posting. You wouldn’t want to get fined for breaking one of those rules.

state regulated lawn posting signsA few years ago, Michigan changed their posting laws which now require a small sign with only the regulation verbiage and graphics.

The rules and regulations vary state to state, so always check what your state requires. Not sure where to start? Real Green Marketing Division can help. Our regulatory sign experts spend valuable time researching state and local requirements and can advise you on exactly what you need.

Here’s a tip! When posting a lawn sign, place the sign at the property corner so your customer’s neighbors can see them. Offer them a neighbor discount- put them to work marketing your business, you’re paying for the lawn signs anyway!

For all your lawn care marketing needs contact us now for a free quote!