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RealGreen has everything you need to optimize, streamline and grow your business.

Run your irrigation business with efficiency and ease

RealGreen has everything you need to optimize, streamline & grow your business. Manage customers, optimize routing and scheduling, quickly create estimates and work orders and so much more.

Running a Small Crew?

RealGreen Lite makes growing your business easy.

Your All-in-One Irrigation Service Solution

CRM & Inventory

Dynamic Routing

Quick Proposals & Scheduling

Mobile App

Payments & Reporting

Built-In Marketing

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RealGreen has been a pioneer, one of the leaders and a lot of folks are going to try to knock them off and create versions of what RealGreen has done. I don't want a knockoff when the real product is out there.”

- Rob Palmer, President, Lawn Squad

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Irrigation Service Software

RealGreen is the first, the future and the real deal. Our integrated software and solutions all work together to make running your business easier. We understand your business, and we have the features and functionality you need to grow and thrive.

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Work Order Management
Marketing Automation
Customer Portal
Billing and Payments
Scheduling and Routing
Virtual Measurement
Online Sales
Crew Management
Mobile App
Digital Forms
Call Ahead Management
Custom Service Plans
Service Dependency Configuration
Call Log and Email Tracking
Price Charts
Labor Hour Calculator
Crew Management
Equipment Setup
Time/Material Pricing
Property Inventory
Service Call Tracking
Route Optimization
Interactive Route Planner
Quick Fit Scheduling
Prepay Letters and Renewals
Marketing Offers
Account Statements
Contract or Installment Billing
Quickbooks Integration
Integrated Print Campaigns
Product Lists


How can irrigation service software help my business?

Irrigation software is a tool that helps manage and streamline tasks related to irrigation. It includes features like scheduling, invoicing and client management to optimize the efficiency of irrigation businesses.

Irrigation software enhances your business by automating scheduling, invoicing, and client management. It boosts efficiency, reduces manual tasks, improves communication and provides data insights, ultimately saving time and helping your business thrive.

Irrigation software costs vary based on features and providers. Factors like business size and specific requirements influence the overall expense.

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