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Service Assistant® is the best field software to simplify business

With Service Assistant, crucial information is always available to you anytime, anywhere and on any device. This customer relationship management (CRM) software can schedule service and streamline day-to-day tasks and marketing activities, which gives you more time to focus on business growth.

Service management software to get organized and save time

Staying on top of every aspect of a business can feel overwhelming at times. With Service Assistant, you’ll benefit from having all of your customers’ information in a single dashboard. It’s the organization and management solution that keeps owners and managers connected to field staff, customer data and the office. It’s the perfect tool for a business of any size.

Quickly view customer information anytime, anywhere

Whether you want to access something as granular as the weather during the last time of service, or something general like how long they have been your customer, Service Assistant has the answer. With the call log feature, reference notes from previous calls or set follow-up reminders for a future date!

Save office management time – enter production in the field

Can’t get to the office? No worries…if you have Service Assistant. Enter production while in the field. With our unique, hosted app, technicians can enter production directly from an Apple or Android device. You can even adjust customer accounts or even enter payments right from your mobile device.

Schedule same day service

Service Assistant is the field service business software that allows technicians to provide customers with “same day” service plus the ability to add additional services – on the spot! Also add new customers to an existing route – instantly. With turn-by-turn voice navigation, technicians will stay on route and on time.

Access quotes, billing & invoicing with the click of a button

Calculating the cost of service based on square footage, grouping properties based on owner, and generating statements at the end of the month – it’s all made easy with Service Assistant. You can even automate payment reminders based on the billing period. Just think of all the time your team could save!

Best of the best - our team of experts supports you.

Getting the most out of software can be a tricky proposition. That’s why Real Green Systems provides a dedicated team of support specialists with Service Assistant to help guide you along the way.

Safe, secure and reliable data management

We know how valuable your company’s and customer’s information is to the success of your business. Our cloud-based storage is not only safe and secure, it is a reliable way to have quick and easy access to whatever information you need, wherever you are.

A technical support team that helps with business management

Unlike many software companies that focus training on what their software does, we focus on installing the software the way your business needs it to run. From on-site installations to one of the most helpful technical support teams in the industry, Real Green Systems keeps Service Assistant working the way your business needs it to work.

Why choose Service Assistant?

Detailed Customer Information

  • Full and permanent account history
  • Complete contact history such as emails, letters, marketing campaigns and call log entries
  • Property inventory such as grass type, common pests, etc.
  • Account balance
  • Flag codes
  • Note fields
  • Specific service hold
  • Cancel reasons

Customer Notifications

  • User-defined appointment call aheads

Easy Scheduling and Routing

  • Schedule unlimited number of programs and services
  • Set virtually any service such as lawn mowing, snow plowing, and pest control
  • Use turn-by-turn voice navigation to get there on-time

Payment Processing

  • Simplified and integrated
  • Enter customer payments
  • Print off statements and invoices

For more information on how our software can integrate with Quickbooks™ and help improve your overall business operations, check out our latest brochure on Service Assistant.

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Service Assistant® All in One CRM Solution to Grow Your Business NewsWatch Review

Service Assistant is flexible and customizable.

The best part about Service Assistant? It’s 100% customizable to fit your business needs.
Individual add-ons allow you to solve your toughest problems, from customer care to route management.

credit card, payment billing, merchant account icon

Customer Assistant® Website

Offer convenient online account access to customers. Our Customer Assistant Website (CAW) allows customers to pay online, prepay and order additional services 24/7 without calling your office.

referral assistant icon

Referral Assistant

Let them spread the word! Referral Assistant ™ allows your satisfied customers to promote your service and rewards them for their referrals.

mobile device icon

Mobile Live®

Mobile Live - It's the real-time, Android-based service business software that let's you see what's going on in the field. With truck tracking, route optimization and more, increase the ability to make informed business decisions at a moment's notice and save time and money.

payment billing icon

Real Green Payment Processing™

Are payment processing fees a puzzle? Let Real Green System's Payment Processing put the pieces in place. Get a free fee analysis and see how your company can save time and money.

estimate quote icon

Measurement Assistant®

Provide accurate estimates in seconds without ever visiting the property! Our estimation software solution precisely measures properties, increases sales in the field and allows for estimates from anywhere – even during inclement weather.

marketing software icon

Automated Marketing Assistant®

Manage client data and control your marketing universe! Real Green Systems’ automated marketing software provides all-inclusive promotion of your business. With territory management, marketing demographics and strategic planning, Automated Marketing Assistant makes it easy to manage business growth and customer life cycle. Use automated communications, mailings and more for customer retention and finding new clients.

map route icon

Routing Assistant

Maximize each technician’s time on the road. With Routing Assistant, spend less time mapping and scheduling routes and have additional time to gain more customers!

truck fleet icon

Truck Assistant™

Gain complete control over the fleet! Truck Assistant™ is a real-time vehicle app that keeps track of each truck’s maintenance schedule and associated costs. It also monitors completed and remaining stops and the duration of each stop. Know if any unscheduled stops were made and for how long. See at a glance when maintenance is due on each vehicle and what needs to be done, monitor idle times – even check current gas levels.

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Is Service Assistant™ only compatible with QuickBooks™?

Unfortunately, the general ledger that Service Assistant™ exports is in a format that only QuickBooks™ can import.  Clients that don't use QuickBooks™ typically print the general ledger and manually input the information into the accounting package they own.

Is Real Green Systems software compatible with Mac computers?

Although some customers have used their Macs with Service Assistant™, it is not something that Real Green installs or supports.

Is my Service Assistant password the same as my sign on password?

Yes, the Service Assistant™ password is the same password used to sign on.

Do all computers need to be users in the active directory for them to be able to use Service Assistant?

Yes.  To use Service Assistant™ on multiple computers, they must all be registed as users in the active directory.