Irrigation software to manage work orders and increase customer leads

Irrigation software to schedule, quote, invoice, manage customers and more

Irrigation software that works like a PRESSURE GUAGE to measure results and BOOST cash flow.

An irrigation software solution tailored for your
business, customers, products and services

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Most irrigation service companies want to stay on top of every work order. To be successful, they’ll need a customer relationship management (CRM) software that meets ALL their business needs.  Real Green’s Service Assistant® (SA) is a CRM that will do just that.  From scheduling to billing and everything in between, SA will have you covered. 

Starting with SA’s custom Scheduler, our all-in-one software is easy to navigate. The Scheduler is a calendar format system that integrates customer info, such as profile and history, to better serve the customer.  It can color-code appointment entries based on distance and other factors. It has a reminder feature to return calls, so nothing is ever lost or forgotten. It lets you view appointments on a map, has route summaries and could even help identify where upsells could occur. It works especially well for irrigation companies that also offer other services such as landscaping or lawn care.

Easily Schedule Installs, Spring Startups, Winterizations, Routine Maintenance and Service Calls

Scheduling appointments for customers should never be a hassle. With Service Assistant, scheduling a new install, reoccurring appointments such as spring irrigation startups and winterizations, or even multiple appointments are as easy as clicking on a calendar.

Use Our Custom Wizard for Simple Management of Customers, Work Orders, Inventory, Payments and More

Manage customer accounts and aspects of your business with ease. Even products and services your business offers can be added into SA. With our custom wizard, adding information is a snap! Right from the home page, you can add a new customer or add a payment.

Here are just a few features of our irrigation business software:

  • Add a customer profile
  • Autopay configuration
  • Call log
  • Customer quick search feature
  • Notifications
  • Payment installments
  • Prepay calculator and utility
  • Report creator
  • Time clock
  • View customer order and payment history

Irrigation Business Software That Also Measures and Quotes

Measurement Assistant® is an online estimation tool that integrates with Service Assistant®. Our innovative system features historical images as well as clear, high-res imagery taken at lower altitudes by a plane versus other competitors that have fuzzy images from a satellite. Use the images to accurately measure any property for an irrigation installation by simply dragging your desktop mouse or device stylus to trace property boundaries. Then, save the information so you can provide a quote to the customer almost instantaneously.

Need to measure some lawns in square feet and others in linear feet? No problem. Measurement Assistant can be customized to fit your parameters. It even subtracts areas and allows you to draw multisided shapes.

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irrigation billing payment

Accept Secure Online Payments to Improve Cash Flow and Get More Control of Invoices, Statements and Billing

Stay on top of every payment with Customer Assistant® Websites(CAW) and Real Green Payment Processing (RGPP). In no time, these two will become the foundation that makes your business run so much smoother. They work together to improve communication with customers, automate processes, increase sales and reduce unnecessary costs.

Our PCI Compliant software allows customers to access a portal (CAW), view/edit their account info, receive messages and notifications, get special upsell promotions and special offers, prepay for irrigation services and even set up a payment schedule that’s convenient for both them and you. With CAW and RGPP in place, you’re almost guaranteed to reduce customer service calls to your business.

Everything needed to run a successful field service business

We get it — sometimes more than just one tool is needed to simplify work.  With Real Green Systems, benefit from a full suite of business solutions conveniently housed in one place.  Explore tools that can be added to the CRM Software and increase profit.