Grow your business with loyal customers

Referrals come from trusted friends, family, and neighbors making them the easiest leads to convert. Referral Assistant™ gives your customers an easy way to refer their friends, increasing your referral rate and bottom line!

Referral software that generates leads

Use our software to get more customers each month

Using Referral Assistant can improve your cost per customer. Watch this video testimonial from current customer Tom Arnold of TopGrass, UK at Solutions 2020.

Effortlessly grow your business with referrals

Existing customers are your strongest business advocates. Let them refer family and friends through a simple, easy-to-use referral page. It’s easy with Referral Assistant. The easier it is to refer, then the more likely your referrals increase. Use Referral Assistant and watch your business quickly grow. It’s the smart way to get more job leads and improve customer retention.

With our software, let customers promote your business and then reward them. Our web-based promotions are an efficient way to reach customers with offers. Customers can refer through e-mail or on social media. Get instant results with just a few clicks. And it’s all integrated with Service Assistant®.

Get more time to focus on customers

Spend more time on the job and less time coordinating incoming job leads. Use Referral Assistant’s automated system. The software is integrated into your Customer Assistant® Website (CAW). Let customers refer your business for service and track their referrals. Then, use those referrals as potential job leads. Use our software’s unique tools to advertise a special offer.

Follow ups designed for your business

Following up with referred potential customers is easy. The software sends automated responses tailored to specific business need. It’s all accomplished through a channel that is unique to your business. Use a custom link, direct mail, social post, or a phone text to send your message.

Coupon development

We assist in the development of a referral rewards program. Let us help make one that’s a good fit for your business and industry. For instance, lawn care and pest control can offer a next service discount. While landscape businesses can provide a rebate on service or materials. When done correctly, a rewards program encourages potential job leads. It also can promote a specific product or service.

Easy to promote

With social media and text, it’s even easier to promote a service. Customers can refer right from the Referral Assistant dashboard. Referring customers can post a recommendation directly on Facebook.  They can even share and like your post.  Let them send friends and family an automated e-mail, letter or coupon.