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Real Green’s Professional Services team is here to help you make the absolute most out of the tools that are the most critical to your success.

When you partner with Real Green’s Professional Services, our specialists take a deep dive into your company’s business operations and workflows, then make tailored recommendations on how you can set up and use SA5 to maximize productivity, efficiency and growth.

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Maximizing the Value of SA5

Training new employees and refresher courses

Whether you have new employees who need to learn the system or your team could use a refresher course on the latest updates and features of SA5 and its many integrations, our team can help with a series of sessions designed to walk them through the basics.

Getting top value from your setup

Our product experts will work directly with your team to ensure that you get the absolute most out of SA5, optimizing your setup across all our products and services and showing you how to best utilize the options you need most.

Review your internal processes

Is your company set up with the right workflows, processes and staff in place to take full advantage of SA5? Our industry experts will take a holistic view of your entire business to help you make sure that everything is working well together.

Optimizing Sales

Improve your sales process

Do you know what’s in your pipeline – and what you can expect in the next 30 days? Are you unsure of how to track your company’s unique sales processes through SA5? Our professional services experts will review your sales process to make sure you’re optimally managing your sales through SA5.

Commission configuration and reporting

Our consultants will help map your current commission structure into SA5 so you can easily pay commissions and track results.

Keep your customers informed

SA5 has many features that make it easy for you to connect with your customers – are you using them all to your best advantage? Our team will guide you through the various options available and show you how to configure them most effectively for your business.

Advanced Tools

Custom reports

We’ll show you how to use flag codes across various reports to build and capture the information you need, and help you create a report that can be pulled directly from your database so that you get the specifics you’re looking for.

Boost your online presence

Do you have a Customer Assistant Website? What about integrated payment processing? (If not – we can help you with that!) Make sure you’re getting the most out of everything. We’ll help you optimize your website, set up bundles for quick sales and upsells, make sure your customers have a variety of payment options – and we’ll make your brand presence shine.

Define KPIs, dashboards and favorite reports

It’s essential to understand the metrics that add up to your business success. Our specialists will work with you to set up your favorite reports, making it easy for you to run the numbers. Need more? We’ll work with the product team to deploy available API endpoints and easily set up PowerBI dashboards for your data.

Helping Your Field Teams

Making the most of Mobile Live

Mobile Live has a wealth of features and options – we’ll review your current setup and configuration, then make actionable recommendations on how your business can maximize your investment in this helpful app.

Using data fields for better reporting and upsell opportunities

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the many configuration options in SA5. We’ll walk you through how property inventory, condition codes and property locations work, then help you configure the settings in SA5 to suit your needs.

Efficient routing

If you’re not seeing the results you expected from route optimization, we can help. We’ll review all of your settings and configurations and make recommendations based on your scheduling and routing needs, no matter how complicated or specific.

They keep us moving forward and making sure that we’re using Real Green to its fullest ability.

Richard DeWolf

Director of Business Solutions, Senske

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